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Jason Aldean ‘Would Love’ To Perform Duet With Wife Brittany – She’s ‘A Great Singer’

Jason Aldean is one of the most famous country music singers in the world, but what many may not know is that his wife Brittany is a talented singer in her own right who was a contestant on “American Idol” prior to their marriage. 

In a recent interview, Jason teased fans with the idea that he and Brittany might release a duet in the future. 

‘Brit’s A Great Singer’

“Brit’s a great singer,” Jason said, according to Music Mayhem [4]. “It’s one of those things, where, to me, it all comes down to the song. If you find the right song, I think that’s the key.”

“It’s definitely something I’m not opposed to at all if the right thing came along and made sense,” he continued. “I would actually love to get her in the studio and cut some vocals. I don’t think she’s ever done that before, so that would be cool.”

Brittany was a contestant on season 11 of “American Idol” back in 2012, making it all the way to the Hollywood rounds, but she was unfortunately cut by the judges before the live shows. Check out her “American Idol” audition in the video below.

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‘She’d Be A Little Reluctant’ 

While Jason “would love” to get Brittany in the studio to record some music, he said his wife may need some nudging before doing so.

“She’d be a little reluctant until she got in there,” he said. “But, I think she’d be great.”

This comes one year after video went viral of Jason and Brittany performing a duet during a relative’s birthday party at the Graduates’ Cross-Eyed Critters [6] animatronic karaoke bar in Nashville, Tennessee. The couple performed the Blake Shelton song “Lonely Tonight,” and the footage gives fans a taste of what an official duet from them would look and sound like!

Check that out for yourself in the video below.

Jason Looks To The Future

Jason only recently completed his Rock ‘n’ Roll Cowboy Tour at the end of October, but he’s already looking to the future and is eager to get started on making new music. 

“I feel like making records is a constant thing. We go out and we tour. And, as soon as we get a break on the tour, that’s our time to go in and start working on an album,” he said in another interview. “So for us, we just wrapped up the tour last weekend, and now I think we’re looking at probably January on going in to start working on the next record. So, It’s kind, of a never-ending process.”

“I get excited when I think we’ve found some great songs. I get excited to go in and start working on those,” Jason continued. “If we don’t have the songs, I’m not really itching that much to go in. But I feel like we got some really cool stuff right now that I’m excited to get in and record. We’re going to start that, I think, in January [2023].”

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Jason Prioritizing Hunting And Family

That being said, Jason is also eager to get some major family time in before the end of 2022. He plans to spend the rest of the year hunting and taking his wife and children on a much-needed vacation. 

“I’m going to go hunt. That’s one thing. This is like hunting season for me… we’re taking the whole family on a ski-trip vacation coming up in December,” he said. “I now usually go up and come down twice, and then I go find a bar somewhere. I learned a long time ago I’m not Olympic material, so there’s no need to keep going up and coming down.”

Jason and Brittany are one of the most popular couples in country music today, so it would be fun to see them release a duet. We can only hope that they do that at some point in the future!