Cain Velasquez Granted $10 Million Bail In Attempted Murder Case

After eight months in a California jail, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was released on bail.

After eight months in a California jail, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was released on bail.

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Velasquez was arrested in February and charged with attempted murder of a man, Henry Goularte, who allegedly molested his 4-year-old son.

Velasquez allegedly chased down Goularte in his vehicle and shot at him with a .40 caliber hand gun. The incident occurred shortly after Goularte was released on bail.

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After his release, Velasquez gave a brief statement to the media.

“I feel great,” Velasquez said. “Just feel blessed, you know? Ready to go home, be with the loved ones, the family, friends, and make something positive out of this whole situation.”

“Just, thank you to everybody who had my support,” he continued. “I love all of you. Just, always continue to be better as a person, always do good things; just make something positive of this terrible situation. My family and I, we’re going to do that.”

After his arrest, Velasquez received an outpouring of support. A number of notable MMA personalities wrote letters of support to the Santa Clara Court, including UFC president Dana White and Bellator president Scott Coker.

Additionally, former UFC champions Kamaru Usman, Daniel Cormier, Henry Cejudo, Brandon Moreno, and Fabricio Werdum wrote letters. White’s letter noted that Velasquez was “a model example of how a professional athlete should carry himself” during his time in the UFC.

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Unsurprisingly, Velasquez’s supporters have criticized the California court system for its treatment of the former champ. Judge Shelyna Brown denied Velasquez bail three times, the last of which was summarily, meaning without explanation. Velasquez’s attorney, Mark Geragos, also blasted the courts for releasing Goularte while keeping his client jailed.

The criticisms and letters of support seemed to do some good. In his decision to grant bail to Velasquez, judge Arthur Bocanegra cited the outpouring of support from the community.

“I will note that Mr. Velasquez is 40 years old, married with two young children, he has no criminal history,” Bocanegra wrote. “Based on what the court has reviewed, this incident is extremely serious and appears to be an isolated incident of behavior on the part of Mr. Velasquez directly connected to the sexual assault of his 4-year-old son and his son’s friends. As I mentioned, although the charges and allegations are extremely serious and dangerous, there is also a viable heat of passion defense. Mr. Velasquez has an enormous amount of support from members of the community as reflected by the many letters written by people on his behalf.”

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It is easy to see why public support for Velasquez has been passionate and positive. Many folks, particularly parents, empathize with his situation. Any Velasquez-related post includes hundreds of commenters calling for him to be freed, and declaring that they’d do the same thing in his shoes.

Hopefully, the courts take this into account when his trial occurs. Until then, his supporters can take solace in the fact that he gets to see his family for the first time in close to a year.

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