Subway Responds To Reports That They Pulled Russell Wilson’s “Dangerwich” After Getting Roasted Online

A Subway spokesperson responded to numerous reports that the company pulled Russel Wilson's "Dangerwich" sub after it was relentlessly roasted online.

A Subway spokesperson responded to numerous reports that the company pulled Russell Wilson’s “Dangerwich” sub after it was relentlessly roasted online.

Russel Wilson via Russel Wilson Twitter

The “Dangerwich” sub was announced in February with Wilson exiting a giant vault to greet his fans. He then taste tested his own sub and even signed a number of them for fans.

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In May, Wilson released a number of ads for Subway and the sandwich with him wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. A lot of them are over the top methods of trying to eat the sandwich, which the internet did what the internet does and quickly mocked and ridiculed Wilson, Subway, and the ads.

With the NFL season in full swing, Wilson’s play at quarterback for the Denver Broncos has not been up to par and the team has a 2-5 record. People rediscovered the Subway ads and were using them to roast Wilson for his play.

Bally Sports host Annie Agar shared one of the images of Wilson wearing a blindfold and captioned it, “Russell Wilson with a guy wide open in the endzone.”

Annie Agar Twitter

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Mojo Markets noted that Wilson’s win percentage after debuting the Dangerwich is down to 33% and his QB rating has fallen to 83.

Numerous individuals noticed that the sub had been pulled from Subway’s Vault menu. One user wrote, “FOLKS, THEY HAVE REMOVED THE DANGERWICH. I REPEAT ONE CANNOT ORDER A DANGERWICH FROM THE SUB WAY VAULT.”

It was in response to a user who claimed to have ordered the sub on October 12th.

TheRealtsch Twitter

Another user tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Russell Wilson’s “Dangerwich” has been removed from the Subway Vault after weeks of viral memes and backlash.”

NFLonBread Twitter

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A Subway spokesman spoke to TMZ Sports regarding these reports that the sandwich was axed from their menu due to the trolling telling the outlet, “Subway works with a variety of athlete partners, and The Vault is the perfect place to showcase their favorite sandwiches. While The Dangerwich sub left The Vault in August to make room for some new, craveable options, don’t worry, The Dangerwich will be back soon!”

However, that statement doesn’t really add given the one user above claims to have ordered his on October 12th. NFL analyst for Mojo Markets Luke Sawhook also shared a tweet claiming he ordered a Dangerwich on October 20th.

He tweeted, “Dangerwich secured. Store said I’m the only person to ever order it.”

Luke Sawhook Twitter

YouTuber Ryan Kinel described the Subway statement as “damage control.”

He then questioned whether or not the claim that it would be back had any validity to it, “At this rate I don’t know if that’s going to be the case. I really don’t because one, the commercials are dumb, and cringe, and nobody likes them. And two, there’s nothing positive going on about Russell Wilson right now. That’s just the bottom line.”

What do you make of Subway’s claim the sub was discontinued in August? Do you believe it?

Editor’s Note: In the original published version, we had unintentionally misspelled Mr. Russell Wilson’s name. We have since made the correction and apologize for any confusion.

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