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Sharon Osbourne, who celebrated her 70th birthday over the weekend, is speaking out against Meghan Markle this week, openly declaring that the wife of Prince Harry is “hardly a victim.”

But first, watch Fox News host Tucker Carlson talk about why exactly celebrities like Meghan love to play the victim these days. 

‘She’s Hardly A Victim’

Osbourne told Newsweek that while the rest of Hollywood fauns over Meghan, she’s standing by her negative assessment of Meghan and her motives. 

“I’ve never met her in my life,” Osbourne said of Meghan. “But she mixes with the royalty of showbiz, put it that way… I think that you have to be over a certain bank balance for her to talk to you.

“It’s all the wealthiest of the [wealthy] in the industry that she hangs out with,” she added. “And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. God bless you. But she does tell some porky pies [lies]. Put it this way, she’s surrounded by very, very, like how can I do this politely? It’s the cream of the cream in Hollywood music, film, everything she’s surrounded by.”

Not stopping there, Osbourne accused Markle and her team of writing “letters to people or texted to people that say bad things about her. It’s like, who the f—k are you to tell me? She’s hardly a victim.”

This last comment will undoubtedly sting for Meghan, as she’s tried to play the victim like it’s her job in the wake of her stepping down as a senior royal back in 2020; going as far as accusing the royals of being racist and insensitive towards mental health struggles, among other things.

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Osbourne Concedes Meghan Was Treated ‘Very Harshly’ By British Press

Though Osbourne is no fan of Meghan’s, she admitted that the British press treated her “very harshly” in the wake of her marriage. 

“I think that the British press did treat her very harshly when she came,” said Osbourne. “I can remember one headline, which was very, very ugly.

“And who knows what goes on in a family,” she continued, rhetorically inquiring, “Does every member of every family get on? No. […W]ho knows what goes on in a family or a marriage? I always say nobody ever knows.”

As for the constant focus on Meghan by the press, Osbourne explained, “This American goes to England, marries a prince, and do they [live happily ever] after? No. So it bought a lot of attention to this couple, a lot of attention, which goes on and on as we speak. And it’s like you’re either a royalist, or you agree with Harry and Meghan.”

Osbourne Says Meghan Was Right To Attend Queen’s Funeral

Even so, Osbourne agreed that attending the Queen’s funeral last month was the right thing for Meghan to do. 

“She should be there to support her husband,” she said. “Of course she should.”

This comes one year after Osbourne was fired by CBS from her gig co-hosting The Talk after putting her foot down to defend longtime friend Piers Morgan; who has been unfoundedly accused of racism for criticizing Meghan. Since then, Osbourne has become an unyielding warrior against cancel culture — joining Morgan in regularly speaking out against Meghan when she feels it’s appropriate to do so.

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Sharon Osbourne is never afraid to tell it like it is, and her willingness to call out the likes of Meghan Markle — in a world where most celebrities are too afraid of being cancelled for openly voicing their opinion — is refreshing. Meghan can try to play the victim all she wants to, but Osbourne isn’t buying it, and she wants the whole world to know it!

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