Protestor Who Got Demolished By Los Angeles Rams’ Bobby Wagner Files Police Report, Wagner Responds

The protestor who got demolished by Los Angeles Rams' Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley has reportedly filed a police report.

The protestor who got demolished by Los Angeles Rams’ Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley has reportedly filed a police report.

Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley via SportsCenter

Breitbart reports Alex Taylor, the man who eluded security while running on the field with a flare during the Monday Night Football matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers and was eventually leveled by Wagner and McKinley, filed a police report after he was escorted out of the stadium.

There weren’t any further details on what Taylor alleges in the police report, but TMZ Sports reports that Direct Action Everywhere, the organization that took credit for Taylor’s protest, described the actions of Wagner and McKinley as “blatant assault.”

Bobby Wagner and Takkarist McKinley via SportsCenter

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With about 41 seconds to go in the second quarter animal activists Alex Taylor and his partner Allison Fluty representing the group Direct Action Everywhere took to the field carrying pink flares.

Alex was able to flee the field’s security dashing across the field and making his way over to the Rams’ bench. However, when he got to the bench, McKinley began pursuing him and led him right into the oncoming tackle of Bobby Wagner.

Wagner lowered the shoulder and demolished the protestor sending him flying onto the ground.

SportsCenter provided a better look with Peyton and Eli Manning breaking down the hit. Both Mannings cheered on Wagner for taking the protestor down.

Peyton then says, “That’s what we are talking about! Wagner, a veteran. Get him down. Now get out and let these guys take over. Bobby Wagner. Veteran play.”

When Eli points to the smoke, Peyton says, “He’s got a T-shirt on. He’s promoting something.”

Here’s a good shot of the protestor getting destroyed by Wagner on one end and McKinley on the other.

SportsCenter Twitter

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Following the game, Direct Action Everywhere shared a photo of both the activists noting they had been released from police custody.

The tweet reads, “Alex and Allison, the 2 activists who disrupted tonight’s NFL game, have been released from police custody. Alex, who was tackled by Bobby Wagner, has a burn on his arm. Otherwise, they’re a bit beaten up but in good spirits.”

Direct Action Everywhere Twitter

Following the game Wagner recounted why he decided to take action, “I just saw someone running on the field. It looked like he wasn’t supposed to be on the field. So I saw security was having a little problem so I helped them out.”

When asked if he heard from the coaching staff about hitting the fan, Wagner said, “That’s not making a play. That’s just keeping it safe. We don’t know what that fan got or what they doing. You see it all the time and we don’t know what they caring in their pockets. Whatever that little smoke stuff is, but it could be dangerous.”

“So I saw one of the guys on the other side. It looked like he got hurt and security looked like it was struggling. I was frustrated so I took it out on the fan,” he added.

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Reacting to the police report, Wagner indicated he’s aware of it, “I mean I was aware. Everybody kind of told me. But it is what it is.”

“It’s behind me. I ain’t really focused on it. I’m more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him and the people that was — you know we don’t know what that is and you just got to do what you got to do,” he added.

Bobby Wagner via Los Angeles Rams YouTube

When asked about whether or not he was surprised at how viral the clip went, Wagner answered, “A little bit because most times they cut away from that part of the game, but we had every angle. I think a lot of players want to do it too.”


Wagner reiterated the possibility of danger from these protestors, “You just never know. People run on to the field for no reason sometimes. And again, I’m pretty sure it’s going to keep happening, but you never know what that person is got in their pocket, their hands, whatever, like what I said after the game.”

“There’s consequences for your actions,” he concluded.

Rams coach Sean McVay stood behind Wagner saying, “I think that we all know where Bobby’s intentions were, and I support Bobby Wagner. That’s where I’m at with that. I don’t think anyone would disagree.”

Breitbart notes that “no charges have been filed against Wagner and police did not say if any are being contemplated.”

What do you make of the protestor filing a police report?

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