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Future Of Maximum Male Models, Will Former NXT Talent Return

After some interesting happenings, many are wondering the is the future of Maximum Male Models? And, will another former NXT talent return to the fold?

Future Of Maximum Male Models

Ever since Triple H took control of WWE Creative, fans have been wondering: what is the future of Maximum Male Models.

After Friday’s SmackDown [1], the wonder reached an all-time high.

Maximum Male Models engaged in some more ridiculousness. Specifically, Mace and Mansoor were aiming for a pose-off record.

That did not sit well with Max Dupri. [2]

In fact, it went over so badly that by the end of the show, Dupri quit the group [3].

Well, this is really good news for fans, if you are a fan of LA Knight.

Ever since the former head of NXT began calling the shots, many were calling for him to undo Max Dupri.

Now, according to PWInsider [4], the internal SmackDown roster sheets have a new, yet familiar name on them.

LA Knight.

future maximum male models
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And, with Friday serving as both the go-home show for the blue brand, as well as the “Season premiere”…could that be the reveal?

It would not shock me at all to see LA Knight pop up and make some noise.

Assuming that does indeed happen-and all signs point to it happening-it’s the latest move to undo damage that the former boss did.

Vince tinkered way too much with talents, especially NXT call-ups.

Now, Hunter is righting the wrongs and making many people happy in the process

Will Former NXT Talent Return

Speaking of Hunter and his former brand, will another former NXT talent return to the fold?

Actually, according to PWInsider…this one already has.

Biff Busick [9] is working as a guest coach for NXT. He’s back but he’s behind the scenes.

If that name doesn’t ring bells, that is fine.

However, if I said Oney Lorcan [10] was back behind the scenes? That name surely would ring bells.

future maximum male models
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

While his name wasn’t the coolest, and his gimmick was mostly being tough as nails, he was popular enough with the NXT fans.

However, after a series of events, Lorcan [11] came to request his release from WWE. The release was granted, and he hit the independents.

Now, he’s already gotten one foot back into the door.

We might never see Lorcan back in a ring, in NXT or on RAW or SmackDown either.

It’s entirely possible he would rather just coach, after all.

However, being back in the Performance Center, it isn’t that big a leap to go from coach to in-ring competitor.

Considering his experience in the ring, he is certainly someone worth having around.

Should his coaching gig escalate into a full-blown in-ring return, either for select opportunities or a full-on run, he could be a welcome veteran presence.