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Aljamain Sterling Still Doesn’t Feel TJ Dillashaw Is Clean Fighter

For reigning UFC champion Aljamain Sterling, taking on TJ Dillashaw is a chance to really leave a mark on his resume.

UFC champion Aljamain Sterling doesn’t believe TJ Dillashaw is a clean fighter.

Sterling, the reigning bantamweight champion, is scheduled to defend his belt against Dillashaw at UFC 280. The event takes place October 22.

For Sterling, putting his title on the line against Dillashaw will make-or-break his future and that of the division.

“This is a very pivotal fight for the bantamweight division, pivotal fight for history, and I think a pivotal fight for both of our careers and legacy,” he told Submission Radio said. “For TJ to come back, if he were to beat me, I think that’s huge for him. I guess just with all the accolades and the adversity – ‘adversity’ – he’s had with taking PEDs and then coming back and then doing it the right way, allegedly, I think it’s huge for him in that storyline.

“And for me, the storylines, obviously I beat a guy who’s one of the forefathers of this weight class and has – I think we’re both tied for the most wins in bantamweight history. So, this fight could be painted in so many different pictures, and I think that there’s a lot at stake for whoever wins this fight, and I like to think it’s gonna be me getting my hand raised on the night.”

All that being said, Sterling has questions regarding the former champion being a clean fighter after testing positive before. Dillashaw served a lengthy suspension for failing a drug test.

“If I had to make a prediction, I would say there’s definitely no doubt in my mind that that guy’s finding some type of doctor or little microdosing or whatever, however that shit works,” he said. “I guarantee you he’s finding some type of way to get an edge once again, as he’s done his entire UFC career. So, I already made peace with it. So, at the end of the day, it is what it is. Like, I made the acknowledgement that I’m gonna step into there with this guy, knowing that there’s a high chance of this happening.

“And it is what it is, man. I feel like this is not gonna be the first guy I fought that’s been on some supps, some extra supps. So, I think my hard work and skillset is enough to get the job done before, and I think it can get the job done again.”

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