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Hollywood Legend Sophia Loren Is 88 Today – Here Are Some Of Her Best Moments

Sophia Loren was one of the first International women to make it big in Hollywood. On her 88th birthday, we look back at her iconic moments

Today is Sophia Loren’s 88th birthday.

The Italian bombshell is one of the great actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age, and sadly, she is one of the few still with us. Loren has long been a favorite of mine, and I think she should be studied and appreciated far more than she is.

The Amazing Life & Career of Sophia Loren

Before the current era of lip injections and plastic surgery, Loren was a natural, timeless beauty.

One of her most famous roles was opposite Charleton Heston in the Anthony Mann-directed classic El Cid.

Age was just a number for Loren, and she let her natural beauty shine; even in her 50s, she never hid behind plastic surgery and heavy make-up.

She was one of the first women to vocally buck Hollywood beauty trends, and she always had a witty line to do it!

Women in this era of Hollywood were afraid to be seen doing anything other than looking beautiful; Sophia Loren had no such problem.

In an era of slight blondes, she always stood out.

Brains, Beauty, And Talent

All of this and brains too! She is a phenomenal actress, winning the Best Actress Oscar for the 1961 film, Two Women. At the time, she made history for being the first person to win an Oscar for a Non-English performance.

Loren is an icon in her hometown of Napoli.

Happy birthday, Sophia Loren!

Share your memories and favorite moments of Sophia Loren in the comment section below.

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