Saturday Night Live

“Saturday Day Night Live” might be on the ropes.

Another lackluster season led to a massive overhaul of the cast as seven members departed at the end of its’ recent 47th season. The long-running show has only announced three episodes for the fall schedule, and has yet to announce new cast members, hosts, or musical guests. This has all led many people to think that “SNL” might be on its’ last legs. 

Major Stars Leave – Who Will Be Next? 

Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Melissa Villaseñor, and Alex Moffatt all left the show this year, and they were all heavy hitters. The cast now balances the ultra-experienced such as Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong with newer, less established actors such as James Austin Johnson and Sarah Squirm. 

Lorne Michaels, the long-time showrunner, announced during the Emmys last night that there will be four new cast members.

But even some of “SNL’s” most faithful think the show is nearing its end. Longest tenured cast member Kenan Thompson has said that the 50th season should be “SNL’s” last.

Rob Schneider, who was a cast member on “SNL” from 1990-1994, claims that the show “ended” after the post-2016 election episode. The show opened with Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, singing and playing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” 

Not only was it incredibly tone deaf, but it put to bed any idea that SNL was truly interested in speaking truth to power or lampooning politicians. The stunt was an admission that Hillary would get an easy ride, much like President Obama had. 

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My Favorite ‘Saturday Night Live’ Memories

So if this really is the end, let’s look back at some of the best moments and cast members of “Saturday Night Live.”

Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford.

Chris Farley a brilliant physical actor who gave every inch he had in every sketch.

Hard to think of a better comedic writer than Tina Fey. This was one of her first “SNL” sketches.

Norm MacDonald was the best to ever do Weekend Update. One of the funniest people who has ever graced this Earth.

Tracy Morgan was best when “SNL” let him be himself…or as Starr Jones.

Or Brian Fellows!

Kate McKinnon was easily the best cast member of the last decade. She could play anyone in any role. Did she also participate in the worst thing “SNL” ever did? Yea sure. But she’s also obscenely talented.

There were so many great fake commercials, but Dissing Your Dog is my favorite.

I’ll miss you, “SNL.” This is a hard decision, but really it is time for you to ride off into the sunset. You aren’t relevant, you aren’t disruptive, and it is sad to see you succumb to the numbness that is mainstream network television corporate comedy. 

Share your thoughts on the death of SNL in the comment section below.

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