Netflix Officially Confirms Release Date For Third And Final Season Of ‘Beastars’

The Jungle is finally back with more fun, games, and political debates, as over a year after its production was revealed, Netflix has officially confirmed a release date for the third and final season of the Beastars anime adaptation.

Source: Beastars Season 1 Episode 11 “To the Neon District” (2019), Studio Orange

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The return date for Paru Itagaki’s furry sensation to the small screen was announced on September 7th via a Tweet made by the series’ official Twitter account.

Therein, it was revealed that Beastars’ final season will hit Netflix sometime in 2024.

Source: Official Beastars Anime Twitter

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In terms of production, director Shinichi Matsumi, scriptwriter Nanami Higuchi as well as the rest of the original Beastars production team at Studio Orange are slated to finish off the journey they started with the first season back in 2019.

Source: Beastars Season 2 Episode 12 “The Taste of Rebellion” (2021), Studio Orange

However, in one notable change, as reported by anime news Twitter account A.I.R. (Anime Intelligence and Research) when it was first announced on July 20th, 2021, this season will see Netflix have a bigger stake in Beastars‘ production.

This had led some to hope that the season will be simulcast alongside its Japanese television broadcast rather than stuck in the notorious ‘Netflix Jail‘ like the first two, which resulted in their debuting to international audiences via the streaming service several years after its initial airing.

Archive Link Source: AIR Twitter

Another thing that has Beastars fans concerned is that, with the previous two seasons each being made up of twelve episodes apiece and the last season ending on the 99th chapter of the manga’s full 196 chapter run, Matsumi and Higuchi will try to wrap up 97 chapters worth of story in a similar number of episodes.

While some are hoping for a twenty-four episode send-off, it should be pointed out that even with such an increase, there’s still a very high chance that key plot points and moments could be cut in the jump from page to anime.

Source: Beastars Chapter 184 We Watch the Flowers as They Blossom into Ripe Fruit.” (2020) Akita Shoten. Words and Art by Paru Itagaki.

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Of particular concern is the ‘Joker’ to Legoshi’s ‘Batman’, Melon.

A compelling character and amazing villain whose horrific childhood has come to define his current sadistic tendencies, if any of Melon’s content is cut from the anime, such a change would compromise both his and Legoshi’s arcs.

Source: Beastars Chapter 184 We Watch the Flowers as They Blossom into Ripe Fruit.” (2020) Akita Shoten. Words and Art by Paru Itagaki.

That’s not to say the same doesn’t apply for everyone else.

After all, how Itagaki connects the storylines of everyone from Legoshi, to Louis, to Gosha, and especially the Beastar Yahya himself is integral to delivering the impactful narrative of Beastars‘ final arc.

Source: Beastars Chapter 113 “A Selfish Body The Knows Purity.” (2019) Akita Soten. Words and Art by Paru Itagaki.

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