If Cory Sandhagen wants Marlon Vera, Vera is down.

Vera, appearing on a recent episode of Submission Radio, talked about the call-out from Sandhagen, a recent winner.

“Like, really nothing. I’m like, you want it? Fuck, come and get it,” he said. “You know, simple as that. I feel like, in my opinion, he was kind of like, wasting a little bit of energy and crying about like, ‘oh, I got left over, blah, blah, blah. I’m fighting low in the rankings’.

“And I’m like, I did the same thing my last fight and I didn’t complain. Petr Yan got offered the same fight, the same date in August 13th and he declined it. And they were like, hey, well, Yan declined the fight, you wanna fight Cruz? I was like, yeah, sure, send the contract.

“And you know, why waste time on, ‘oh, I got left over, I wanna fight for the belt, I wanna fight ahead’. We all wanna fight ahead. But sometimes it is what it is, what is available. So yeah. If you want it, you can come get some.

“And if you don’t get it and somebody else gets it, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be prepared if it’s for him, for somebody else. It’s on.”

Vera picked up his fourth consecutive win with a fourth round knockout of Dominick Cruz in August. He also owns a knockout over Frankie Edgar and is 20-7-1 overall.