Jason Whitlock: Shannon Sharpe Is “Stupid” And Has “A Really Low IQ”

Sports, politics, and culture commentator Jason Whitlock had some strong words for Shannon Sharpe describing him as "stupid" and having "a really low IQ."

Sports, politics, and culture commentator Jason Whitlock had some strong words for Shannon Sharpe describing him as “stupid” and having “a really low IQ.”

Jason Whitlock via Jason Whitlock YouTube

Whitlock’s comments came during a recent episode of Fearless with Jason Whitlock when he reacted to Sharpe’s commentary about recent allegations surrounding former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

Sharpe first claims that Terrell Owens would not be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame if he had off the field incidents like Brett Favre did in the past. He then accuses Favre of being involved in a scheme with the state of Mississippi of using welfare money to fund a volleyball facility for the University of Southern Mississippi.

The accusation stems from a text from Brett Favre asking, “If you were to pay me is there anyway the media can find out where it came from and how much?”

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According to NBC News, Favre was also paid by the state for a number of speeches that he did not give.

His lawyer, Bud Holmes, claims Favre did not know the money was intended for welfare. Favre also repaid the state the fees they paid him for the speeches minus the interest the state’s auditor demanded.


Brett Favre via Andrew Klaven YouTube

Whitlock specifically took issue with Sharpe’s initial comments regarding Favre’s off field activities that are unrelated to the accusation of funneling welfare money for the volleyball facility or for speaking fees.

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After watching Sharpe’s comments about Terrell Owens, Whitlock lambasts him, “Let’s start here with this ridiculous assertion that if T.O. had sent messages to a masseuse or tried to get some extracurricular activity going on with NFL female employees. ‘Oh my god! If that had happened to T.O. he wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.’ That’s a joke.”

He continues, “As it relates to the addiction issue or drug problem that Brett Favre had, if a drug problem disqualified you from the NFL Hall of Fame or the Pro Football Hall of Fame, does Lawrence Taylor does he make the Hall of Fame?”

Shannon Sharpe via Shannonsharpeee Twitter

“If salacious stories, negative stories — and the man I’m about to name is one of my favorite NFL players of all time, one of my favorite human beings on the planet — but if what Shannon Sharpe is saying is true, how did Ray Lewis get into the Hall of Fame? Did he have the Atlanta incident? Let’s cut it out.”

He then put up Kobe Bryant as another example, “I’m here in Nashville, Tennessee. Every day that I drive home from the studio I pass a mural of Kobe Bryant. He’s a deity all over the country. He settled rape allegations of a teenage girl. And we could have ‘Oh it didn’t happen. He just settled and blah blah blah.’ But if these off the field activities by athletes disqualify them from the Hall of Fame and this was all about racial deals: Kobe, Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor, the list is endless.”

Jason Whitlock via Jason Whitlock YouTube

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“Shannon Sharpe is in the Hall of Fame and I would suggest Shannon Sharpe perhaps punch his name into Google,” Whitlock suggests. “Punch CBS and why they let him go into Google. Punch baby mama drama and Shannon Sharpe into Google.”

“Shannon Sharpe has his own off field issues. He’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s got a job on national TV talking about sports despite his off field baggage.”

Shannon Sharpe via Shannonsharpeee Twitter

Whitlock then disparages Sharpe’s intellect, “This guy is so stupid and I don’t use that word lightly. He is stupid. I’m talking about a really low IQ. He thinks he’s actually arguing on behalf of black people. What world does he live in that he doesn’t realize if it wasn’t for second and third chances and people overlooking off the field issues — you think Michael Vick would be working for FOX Sports? I love Michael Vick. I argued for the NFL, celebrated Andy Reid and the Eagles welcoming Michael Vick back into the league. I’m a Michael Vick guy.”

“And so I’m very consistent on this. I believe in second, third, and fourth chances,” he asserts. “Here’s Shannon Sharpe arguing for some sort of standard where athletes shouldn’t be given second, third, and fourth chances when he got one.”

Whitlock concludes, “If Shannon Sharpe’s standard applied would Aqib Talib have gotten a job at FOX Sports? This guy is an idiot. He doesn’t understand. He’s operating in a glass house. We can take race out of it. Craig Carton, the show that comes on right before Shannon Sharpe’s, the dude was in federal prison a year or two ago.”

Jason Whitlock via Jason Whitlock YouTube

What do you make of Whitlock’s critique of Shannon Sharpe’s comments about the Hall of Fame and off-field activities?

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