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Happy Birthday To Happy Corbin – The Best Wrestler Ever!

It is Baron “Happy” Corbin’s 38th birthday. It is hard to think of a better and more complete wrestler in the WWE. He is incredible in the ring, has great style, and is a humble and great guy to boot!

Here are a few reasons why Happy is the best wrestler in WWE ever!

Why Happy Corbin Is The Best Wrestler Ever!

I’ll tell you what I’d get him, a shot at the WWE title! Our King deserves it!

We stan a king who can have multiple characters and story arcs and handle them all with EASE.

What else is there to love about this guy? Well, he’s STYLISH AF!

He’s A world-class gambler that Vegas fears!

He’s humble and a friend of another King, MJF.

And he’s always supporting up-and-coming wrestlers.

He’s teaching his kid the video game classics!

An In-Ring Icon

He’s a better high-flyer than Rey Mysterio.

Even at his lowest, he was still amazing!

But he’s a safe worker who doesn’t get his fellow wrestlers hurt doing a bunch of flippity-dippity nonsense.

Once again, I have to say it. The. Drip. Is. Immaculate.

He listens to his elders, like the legend JBL!

Happy Corbin has a better record than Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Antonio Inoki combined!

What do you love about Happy Corbin? Please share your thoughts on our beloved KING [38] in the comment section below.

Share your love of Baron Corbin in the comments below.

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