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Good News For Injured NXT Star, Hurricane Ian & SmackDown

Tony D’Angelo quickly rose to become a highlight on NXT television. He’s got a great character and interesting in-ring style. Sadly, the star recently became injured. However, sounds like there’s good news for him.

Good News For Injured NXT Star

D’Angelo seemingly suffered an injury [1] when he went toe-to-toe with Wes Lee during recent NXT tapings that took place two weeks ago. The show in which the match took place aired this past week.

As per Wrestling Observer Radio’s [5] Dave Meltzer, the star is not expected to have surgery. In fact, as per his report, Tony may be back on TV, sooner than expected.

More Good News For NXT Star

It’s important to note that Tony D’Angelo is injured [6]. Still, it may not be as severe as it seemed.

The match was stopped as soon as it appeared that Tony was injured. Initially, it seemed like it could’ve been his head that hit the corner of the ring.

With that said, there was also speculation that it may be a knee injury. Regardless, here’s hoping D’Angelo’s recovery is both smooth and quick.

This isn’t the first time Tony’s dealt with an injury in NXT. Back in June, the star had a scary incident occur during a Largo, Florida live event.

At that point in time, it seemed to be his arm or shoulder. That injury was not overly serious, as well.

Off-topic, Hurricane Ian has swept through Florida, where 2.5 million across the state are left with no power. It’s being dubbed as one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S, ever.

On topic, the hurricane is causing some worry when it comes to the WWE and Friday Night SmackDown. More on this story, below.

Hurricane Ian & SmackDown

This week’s SmackDown is taking [7] place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. One would think that Hurricane Ian isn’t a factor in this week’s show, but it is.

News Injured NXT Star
Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

That’s because most of WWE’s roster lives in the state of Florida. Not to mention the fact that the WWE Performance Center is in Orlando.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer chats about this during a recent edition. WWE is hoping [8] superstars can travel to the show.

With that said, there’s also some concern. Rightfully, so.

Hurricane Ian Causes WWE To Worry About SmackDown

According to Dave, the WWE is “worried” about Friday’s show because so many of their talent lives in Florida. They are hoping that things will work out.

They are also hoping superstars from Tampa and Orlando can get to Winnipeg by Friday. With that said, it may be very challenging.

Especially since the state is experiencing power outages. Plus, many homes in Florida are suffering from flooding issues.

It may be a challenge for some talents to get to Friday’s show. There may also be a ton of unexpected travel delays along the way.

The most important issue at hand is that everyone is safe and okay. The devastation brought on by Hurricane Ian has been terrible.

It’ll be interesting to see how Friday Night SmackDown will unfold. Only time will tell.