Former Christian School Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Twerking On Student At Prom – Previously Accused Of Sexting With High School Senior

A former Christian school teacher from Florida has admitted that she "let the devil in" after being arrested for inappropriate behavior.

A former teacher at a private Christian school in Florida has been arrested after allegedly twerking on a male student at prom. These allegations were raised against her months after she was accused of “sexting” with a high school senior.

Former Teacher Arrested

WCTV reported that Julie Hoover, a 39 year-old former teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Perry, was arrested early in September and hit with charges of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in lewd conduct with a student and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She had previously been arrested back in June for one count of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in sex with a student after she allegedly exchanged sexually explicit messages with an 18-year-old senior student.

Her latest charges came after the male student told police that at his high school prom that was held on April 8, Hoover twerked on him and pressured him to drink an alcoholic beverage. The boy added that he was so uncomfortable when Hoover started twerking on him that his fellow students tried to intervene by attempting to squeeze themselves between her and him so that she would stop. Two of his fellow students corroborated this claim to police.

Merriam-Webster defines twerking as “sexually suggestive dancing characterized by rapid, repeated hip thrusts and shaking of the buttocks especially while squatting.”

One witness said that she “also witnessed Mrs Hoover dancing on [the victim] and rubbing her buttocks on [the victim’s] front pants area of his crotch.” The underage student additionally claimed that in trying to make him drink alcohol, Hoover went so far as to attempt to force the straw from her alcoholic beverage into his mouth.

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Hoover Admits She ‘Let The Devil In’

An affidavit shows that Hoover admitted on a phone call to another student’s mother that she “let the devil in” at prom. During this call, “Julie was asked about prom and she stated that she ‘Let the Devil in,’” the documents state.

It isn’t immediately clear if the boy Hoover was twerking on is the same boy who she was accused of sexting with, as none of the students’ identities have been released due to their ages.

The student’s mother called police on June 2, when she found sexually explicit messages between her son and Hoover that were exchanged over the course of March and April. Court documents show that the mother told police that she was horrified to see that Hoover was trying to get the boy to come to her home while her husband was at work. 

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School Official Speaks Out – Hoover’s History

An official with Point of Grace Christian School who did not wish to be identified issued a brief statement after Hoover’s arrest.

“Mrs. Hoover is a former teacher with Point of Grace Christian.  We will not provide further information on her employment or departure from our school,” the official said. 

“The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office informed us of the allegations against Mrs. Hoover, and we have cooperated with the investigation,” added the official. “Out of respect for the judicial process, we will not comment any further at this time.”

People Magazine reported that Hoover is a graduate of St. Leo University who had been a mathematics teacher at the school since 2018. Aside from being a teacher, she had also previously worked as a finance director at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Hoover herself has yet to speak out about the allegations raised against her.

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