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‘Fast and The Furious’ Actor Lucas Black Says New Film ‘Legacy Peak’ Serves To Combat Hollywood’s “Negative Message About Fathers And About Men”

According to actor Lucas Black, his new film Legacy Peak attempts to push back against Hollywood’s current male-negative culture by doing something near unheard of in current entertainment: presenting men, in particular fathers, “in a good light”.

Source: Legacy Peak (2022), PureFlix

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Produced by Christian streaming service PureFlix, Legacy Peak tells the story of Jason (Black) as he attempts to endear himself to his girlfriend Noelle’s (Ina Barrón) children, Ben (Roman Engel) and Sam (Kyleigh Bakker), before he becomes an official member of their family.

With a Christmas trip to a remote cabin with Noelle’s family on the horizon and hoping to bond with the kids, Jason proposes flying Ben and Sam to their lodgings on his private plane, an offer which they accept – the former excitedly, the latter reluctantly.

Unfortunately, a midair accident causes the trio to make an emergency landing in the wilderness surrounding the titular Legacy Peak mountain.

Alive but stranded, Jason, Ben, and Sam eventually come to accept that their only hope for survival is to make the three-day trek to the cabin, and as such soon set out to test their luck in the unforgiving wilderness.

Source: Legacy Peak (2022), PureFlix

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Throughout their journey, Jason is shown to be loving and protective of Ben and Sam as if they were his own – an increasingly rare quality in modern entertainment.

As per Black, best known for his roles as Sean Boswell in the Fast and the Furious franchise (starting with Tokyo Drift) and Special Agent Christopher Lasalle on NCIS: New Orleans, it was this positive portrayal of fatherhood that drew him to bring the character to life on the silver screen.

Source: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Universal Pictures

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“Legacy Peak is something [men] can sit and watch with their family and feel like, ‘ahhh, it finally puts us in a good light and appeals to our manly qualities,’” said the actor during a recent interview [4] with noted film critic Christian Toto.

“[The movie] shows the importance of an earthly father,” Black added. “It’s counter cultural to the messages you hear today, especially in entertainment.”

Source: Legacy Peak (2022), PureFlix

It was after a prolonged exposure to these messages, said the actor, that he finally “came to realize there’s been an attack, an attack on the nuclear family…an attack on men in our culture. And it filters down from entertainment.”

To this end, Black opined to Toto, “We need to have a strategy and plan to combat that negative message about fathers and about men.”

Source: Legacy Peak (2022), PureFlix

Of course, while this concluded their discussion of the actor’s latest project, Toto could not let Black go without at least an inquiry into whether or not a potential return to the Fast franchise was in his future.

“I haven’t had any phone calls,” Black admitted. “I’m good whichever way they decide. If they want me I’ll read the script.”

Source: F9: The Fast Saga (2021), Universal Pictures

Legacy Peak is now streaming exclusively on PureFlix.

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