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Of all the streaming services, Hulu probably has the best selection of new and classic series. This is because Hulu was initially built as a way to put television shows online at the dawn of the streaming age.

For definition’s sake, we are looking at TV shows over 30 years old. Which, unfortunately, means we might delve a bit into the 90s. 

From classic comedy to the first police procedurals, here are the five best classic tv shows on Hulu.


I’m not sure any sitcoms stand the test of time as well as “Cheers” does. The show has a timeless quality to it , and the jokes and banter make it one of the more original television shows ever made. I don’t think you could make a sitcom like this anymore, especially with the modern audience’s lack of attention spans.

‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

Mary Tylor Moore was a television icon and trailblazer who proved that a woman could lead a show on her own without having to be married. You’re going to make it after all!


Perhaps the most watched television show of all time, “M*A*S*H” combined the horrors of war with a dark comedy that would be difficult to replicate today properly.

‘NYPD Blue’

If you ask my dad, a connoisseur of police procedurals, this one is probably the best. “NYPD Blue” broke the mold on cop shows by diving into the detectives’ private lives and showing a grittier side of crime than what was previously allowed on TV.

‘St. Elsewhere’

Did it have the most insane ending in television history? Yes. Did it spawn a conspiracy theory that a large swath of television lives inside the brain of an autistic child? Yes.

Regardless of how it ended, “St. Elsewhere” was the genesis of the modern medical procedural show. It also started the careers of many famous actors, including Denzel Washington.

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