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Ways Triple H Is Immediately Undoing Vince’s Legacy

Triple H is already making WWE is own. Here are a few ways he is changing WWE from what Vince originally intended.

With Triple H in charge of WWE’s creative decisions, many fans wonder what changes he will make. We’ve already seen a few changes with increased match time and an emphasis on newer stars. But there are a few ways Triple H is taking Vince McMahon’s legacy and doing the exact opposite. 

Here are a few ways Triple H is taking WWE and making it his own. 

Bringing Back NXT Favorites Vince Didn’t Use 

The Internet constantly talked about how some of NXT’s brightest stars would fizzle on the main roster or never get the call-up because they weren’t what Vince was looking for. Triple H, understanding a bit of the nuance of how wrestling tastes have changed, understood that guys and girls who looked and wrestled differently could make a connection with the audience. 

So it was no surprise that on his first name fully in charge, Triple H brought back NXT stars Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai to back up Bayley. It is poetic because, at least for me, Bayley was the first big megastar to break out solely on their own without a big indie reputation. 

Trips then brought former NXT champ and failed gladiator Karrion Kross to Smackdown. Despite a lot of naysayers, Kross was an excellent star in NXT and potentially a big bad guy on the blue brand. 

He also turned NXT stalwart Ciampa from Miz’s lackey to the number one contender for the US Title. 

Other former stars rumored to be returning are Rusev, Andrade, and the WWE women’s champions Sasha Banks and Naomi. The tag team has reportedly already signed their contracts and are waiting for a debut.

It is Wrestling, Not “Sports Entertainment” 

Vince had a famously long list of words he didn’t like to use on television. The most glaring of which was his hatred of “wrestler” or “wrestling.” Vince once quipped in an interview, “wrestling is what my dad did.” So it was refreshing for many viewers to hear that Triple H is bringing back the W-word.

Firing Johnny Ace 

There’s a rumor that Triple H will clean house and fire Vince’s lackies backstage. It seems to have begun with John Laurinaitis.

Fans wish that WWE television director Kevin Dunn and producer Bruce Pritchard are fired next.

Other Changes Triple H Should Implement 

He should continue the language change by banning any insider terms from being said on television on social media. 

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