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Tim Tebow Raises Money To Protect The World’s Most Vulnerable

Sports star Tim Tebow has dedicated his life to serving others. His biggest project is to help save human trafficking victims

Tim Tebow is one of the most beloved sportsmen in America. In an industry filled with showboats and outright idiots, it is nice to see someone like Tebow use his fame and talent for something good. Following a long career in football and baseball, Tebow has dedicated himself to fighting against the scourge of human trafficking. 

Tim Tebow’s Fight 

Ever since he was a kid, Tim Tebow has had a heart for fighting on behalf of victims of human trafficking. It’s a global scourge that affects tens of millions of people every year.

“It’s such a focus for me because we believe this is one of the greatest evils in the world today,” he told Fox News.

He was motivated to fight on behalf of those who have been trafficked after finding out that his father rescued four young girls from an auction. 

“It’s time for Christians around the world to take a stand, to raise our voices and say, ‘No more,'” Tebow wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.

The Tim Tebow Foundation Protection Center

The Tim Tebow Foundation is raising funds to build a protection center in Thailand, one of the hotbeds of human trafficking. This center will provide structure and safe haven for the hundreds of people who might not have a place to go once they are reduced from trafficking.

Tebow launched a fundraiser for the protection center on his 35th Birthday. 

Now, the funds are flowing in to protect the most vulnerable. As of this writing, the Foundation has raised over $898,000, far surpassing the $700,000 goal. 

You can donate to the Protect Them campaign here

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