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Paige On Suicidal Behavior Over Leaks, WWE Draft News

Because of past leaks, Paige is talking about self-harm and having suicidal behavior. And, the next WWE draft could be arriving very soon.

Because of past leaks, Paige is talking about self-harm and having suicidal behavior. Also, the next WWE draft could be arriving very soon.

Paige On Suicidal Behavior Over Leaks

Over the past several years, a bunch of wrestlers had their private pictures and videos uploaded online. The first superstar affected was Paige.

By now, we all know she had material published alongside some of her fellow workers. In a surprise to nobody, it sent Paige down a dark path.

While on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Paige went over the event and alarming moments that followed.

“It was just the most awful moment of my life,” said Paige. “I couldn’t believe it was real at first, because I was 19.” 

“Felt so stupid to have trusted this person at the time. I never done it since, that was a lesson I learned, and I’ll never be caught dead doing anything like that again. But, I felt so f—ing stupid and I felt so embarrassed, and I was already a cokehead at this time and loved to drink.” 

“That really got me to the point where I didn’t want to be alive anymore. It was f—ing awful. I was just so f—ing sad.”

Nowadays, Paige tries to not let the incident bother her. Although, she does get upset when people send the content to her friends, family and boyfriend.

“So yeah, I got bullied relentlessly, it was f—ing awful. The bullying was starting to get me crazy to the point that I was cutting myself.” 

“I never thought I’d be a cutter. But, I did and it was f—ing awful and I wish I hadn’t done it.”

Truly, it was a horrific time for Paige. Her contract with WWE ended last month, so she free to sign anywhere.

Many hope she joins another company and will be allowed to wrestle. Paige was forced into retirement due to an injury.

WWE Draft News

Paige Suicidal Behavior Leaks
Source: @WrestlingSheet, Twitter, Screenshot

With Vince McMahon retired, it is not a question if WWE will change. Already, we know Triple H has a different vision for WWE than Vince.

The weekly shows and first pay per view, SummerSlam, without Vince went smooth. Also, we are seeing lots of released talent return.

Remember, Vince has not been out of the picture for that long. Triple H is really pushing to change the outdated version of WWE.

Fightful’s Sean Sapp reports that WWE will once again be holding their draft. Although, this one could come sooner than many excepted.

“With WWE’s new regime, a lot of roster movement has already been made, and talent believe there could be more on the way,” said Sapp. “There are several RAW stars scheduled for the first Smackdown following Clash at the Castle on September 9th.”

“On the other side of things, Smackdown talent are scheduled for RAW episodes internally for the September 4 and 11 dates. This has led talent to speculate internally that the WWE Draft will be shortly following the Clash at the Castle PPV.”

“Talent have not had this confirmed to them yet, but there have been other things they have said to lead them to believe to the case. We’re told that writers have noted that repackages are also more likely following this date as opposed to the immediate future.”

Considering how Triple H is shake things up, the easiest way to help might be the draft. That allows him to move select superstars to the brand that best suits them.

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