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News On Johnny Gargano Return, Edge Hints At Retiring

Johnny Gargano surprised fans last night with a major WWE return during Monday Night RAW [1]. A new report sheds some insight on his comeback. More on this story, below.

News On Johnny Gargano Return

As per the PW Insider [2], Gargano was apparently hidden from everyone the entire day. This is a typical move by the WWE when they want to keep a major return [3] a “secret”.

The company even refrained from adding his name to the run sheet for last night’s show. Most backstage were not aware that Johnny was even in the building until he showed up in the gorilla position right before heading out to the ring.

In fact, an extra layer of security around the matter was that Gargano was flown in by the WWE corporate jet, to the venue. This was to ensure no one spotted him arriving at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

More News On Johnny Gargano Return

Another interesting note from last night was that Johnny kept his wrestling name, as is. This suggests there could be a change when it comes to indie wrestlers using their “real names” in their characters.

In the past, their names would be changed or shortened. However, this does not seem to be the case anymore.

What’s next for Johnny Gargano? Only time will tell.

Another highlight of this week’s RAW was Toronto native and WWE Hall of Famer, Edge wrestling in his hometown. It’s been quite a while since he’s done so.

He even ended up saying a speech after the show went off the air. More details on this story, down below.

Edge Hints At Retiring

While Edge defeated Damian Priest in RAW’s [6] main event, Judgement Day ended up attacking the former WWE Champion. Thankfully, wife Beth Phoenix was on hand to add the assist for her hubby.

News Johnny Gargano Return
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

After the show went off the air, Edge cut a promo. He thanked his fans and revealed that he may retire from in-ring competition [7] when he visits Toronto, the next time.

As he put it, he hopes to come back “one last time” to Toronto. He notes that the WWE usually comes to visit the city in August.

Edge went on to say that he plans on seeing everyone next August. He finished the promo by stating in a “perfect” world, he’ll say “goodbye” to everyone that night.

Could Edge Retire After SummerSlam?

Wrestling Observer Radio’s [8] Dave Meltzer talks about Edge’s promo during a recent show. He chimed in about his view of Edge’s promo.

He notes that the impression he got was that the “show” in August could be SummerSlam. Melzer states that he signed a three-year deal with the WWE, but Edge really could retire whenever he wants to.

Dave states that it might be hard for Edge to walk away from wrestling, again. He may change his mind a year from now.

With that said, he may also want to retire in Toronto, his hometown, as it would be on his “own terms” this time. It would be an interesting way to end an incredible career.