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Mike Tyson is angry. The boxer turned podcaster and entrepreneur is upset about the upcoming Hulu Series, Mike. The show takes a candid look at Tyson’s life and legacy. Tyson called Hulu a “slave master” for allegedly “life story” and not consulting or compensating him for it. 


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He also thanked UFC head Dana White for turning down money to promote the series.


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Is What Hulu Did Legal?

Tyson said “heads will roll” because of Hulu’s “greed” and their model of stealing the life rights of celebrities. This could be seen as an implication that Tyson intends to pursue legal action against the streamer. But the law is on Hulu’s side.

The series calls itself unauthorized and promises not to pull punches regarding Tyson’s complicated legacy. Anyone can sell an unauthorized product about anyone else as long as they don’t defame, libel, or slander them. That is why Mike Tyson can’t reasonably threaten legal action.

The limited series stars Harvey Keitel as Tyson’s legendary trainer Cus D’Amato and Trevante Rhodes as Tyson.

Here is the trailer:

Should The Series Consult Mike Tyson?

I don’t think it is necessary, but it couldn’t hurt. I guess that this isn’t going to be a flattering portrayal of Tyson. Consulting directly with Mike might have caused producers to airbrush some of the former champ’s more controversial moments, such as his arrest and imprisonment for sexual assault and the numerous times he threatened people on camera. 

Internet Reacts

I guess some people don’t know what “unauthorized” means. Again, Hulu made it clear that they did not consult or ask Tyson’s permission to create this limited series.

The President of WBC, a global boxing federation, seems to imply that Hulu misled them to use their belts.

I don’t think Tyson threatening violence against Hulu will have the effect he says it will.

What are your thoughts? Will you watch this series? Share your take in the comments below.

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