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Karate Combat Results: Luiz Rocha Wins Super-Fight

Karate Combat held the first-ever champion vs. champion match, as Luiz Rocha was declared the super-fight winner.

Luiz Rocha was the winner of the first super-fight in Karate Combat history.

In a meeting of champions, Rocha downed Joshua Quayhagen over five rounds. The event featured former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre and Bas Rutten on commentary.

In the early rounds, it looked like the advantage lay with Rocha. The young protege of ‘The Pitbull Brothers’ landed the cleaner shots and was doing excellent work with his right hand in particular. But the constant power-shots taxed his cardio and his rate slowed during the third.

The final round was a war, with Quayhagen forging ahead and Rocha fighting a furious rearguard action and the crowd on its feet throughout. By the end of the final round Quayhagen looked close to scoring a finish on the exhausted Rocha, but the Brazilian showed his toughness and stayed in the game.

In the co-main event, former Bellator fighter Raymond Daniels bested Franklin Mina.

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