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Is CM Punk Working Injured, Another Superstar Returning Soon?

Now that he's back from foot CM Punk actually working injured? And is another WWE Superstar returning soon?

He made a big return earlier this week, but is AEW World Champion CM Punk working injured? Plus, is another big WWE Superstar returning soon?

Is CM Punk Working Injured

Fans had not seen him in months until his surprise return Wednesday…but is CM Punk working injured?

Based on how he looked, you would not really think so.

However, according to PWInsider, the injury Punk suffered when becoming AEW World Champion was as severe as reported, and he is not yet fully recovered.

No one is likely going to come out and state that explicitly, but it seems that the champion is indeed working while still recovering from the injury.

While CM Punk might not be working injured, per se, reports seem to indicate that he has returned while still undergoing rehab.

Meaning that the AEW World Champion is still not at 100 percent.

cm punk working injured
source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

Give that Punk did have a significant injury that required surgery, it would seem likely that his in-ring return likely carried with it some medical clearances.

Punk returned on Wednesday to confront interim champion Jon Moxley, setting up a title clash at All Out in September.

While the report indicated that Punk was still in pain from the injury and surgery, it seems that he was cleared to be involved Wednesday.

Or, at least, was told that as long as nothing bad happened, he should be fine. 

Couple that with the fact that we still have over 3 weeks until the big title match, and it would seem that CM Punk should be in good shape for then.

It was noted elsewhere that this match was not rushed, meaning AEW did not push Punk to return too soon.

Another Superstar Returning Soon?

Speaking of coming back, is another WWE Superstar returning soon?

Specifically, a very significant and notable one?

According to Fightful, it seems that there has been at least one creative pitch for a return of Bray Wyatt.

This is not shocking considering the current environment.

Since Triple H has assumed his new position, returns of exiled talents are happening with regularity.

We’ve seen Dakota Kai and Karrion Kross, to name a few. 

Could Bray Wyatt be next?

cm punk working injured
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Perhaps not next, but could Bray return soon?

While a creative pitch does not mean an imminent return, it is still a big change.

Under Vince McMahon, it seems you couldn’t really mention Bray’s name following his surprising release.

New reports are contradicting what had come out following his release.

At the time, there were reports that Wyatt had a bad attitude.

Now, stories are coming out that his “bad attitude” was manifesting itself when he rejected bad creative pitches.

Or, put another way…he was telling Vince McMahon that some of Vince’s ideas weren’t good…and Vince didn’t like hearing that.

Now, no more Vince to worry about.

That Wyatt didn’t land in AEW by now leads many to believe that neither party has an interest in a deal.

And, with a change in creative at WWE, where a Wyatt return makes so much sense, things could finally be lining up for it to happen.

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