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Internet Panics After Cracker Barrel Announces Menu Change

Cracker Barrel made a slight modification to their menu. It started a fight online and showed how divided we are.

Cracker Barrel has changed its menu, and some people are absolutely livid about it. The famed highway stop is known for its all-day breakfast, giant checkerboards, rocking chairs, and general store.

But Cracker Barrel has added to their menu of home-cooking staples. Meatless “Impossible” breakfast sausage. 

And there actually people out there mad at the restaurant chain for it. But the reaction to the anger of a small group of people is the real problem. 

Are People Overreacting? 

Now, to be fair, this seems to be just a few Facebook commenters. It looks like most people laughed at them – as they should.

But the news media is blowing it out of proportion as usual. It seems to me that the reaction to the few people who are complaining is far bigger than the number of people actually complaining. 

People are using it as a way to dunk on conservatives. I don’t know what someone’s politics have to do with anything here. Again, we are talking about three comments on a Facebook post.  

Should Cracker Barrel Offer Impossible Sausage? 

If you’re boycotting CB over this, you’re silly. It isn’t a PC sell-out to offer an alternative. Most people won’t get it, and they aren’t making you order it. This is a business decision. The execs probably saw data suggesting that some customers want a meatless alternative.

I don’t think most people care. Judging public sentiment by Facebook posts is silly and, frankly, half the reason we are in a mess as a country.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Menu Items At Cracker Barrel. 

Let’s get one vital thing out of the way. Breakfast is the only acceptable meal to get at Cracker Barrel. I never get anything off the lunch or dinner menu, and I never will. It may be delicious – nay it probably is delicious. But CB is for breakfast!

The 5 Best Cracker Barrel Food Items

So for all you Cracker Barrel newbs out there, here’s a breakdown of the best options on the menu. It’s entirely appropriate to order all of these in one sitting. No one will judge you – as long as you don’t order that meatless sausage.

  • Hashbrown casserole: it is its own food group. I order a double portion every time I go, and I refuse to eat it anywhere else. It is that good. 
  • Fried apples: Another staple that can’t be replicated elsewhere. 
  • Biscuits and Gravy: speaks for itself. 
  • Chicken and Dumplings: I know I said breakfast only, but this is one item on the lunch/dinner menu that is incredible
  • A slice of country ham: salty divinity. 

[Editor’s Note: Cracker Barrel is to pancakes what Waffle House is to waffles. They make the best pancakes on the planet. And they ought to sue IHOP for false advertising.]

What’s your favorite Cracker Barrel meal? 

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