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The Oscar-winning Hollywood star Gary Busey is claiming that he is innocent after being hit with criminal charges regarding a sexual assault that allegedly took place in New Jersey. 

‘None Of That Happened’

Last Friday, Busey was hit with two counts of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, and with one count of attempted criminal sexual contact, according to Fox News. The charges are related to an incident that allegedly took place at a hotel in the Cherry Hill area after he made an appearance at the annual Monster Mania Convention on August 12-14. 

This week, the 78 year-old Busey was filling up his gas tank in Malibu, California when he was asked by a reporter “what happened at the event” and if he had “any regrets.” 

“No, I don’t carry any regrets with me ever. None of that happened,” Busey replied. 

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Busey Doubles Down

Busey went on to describe the alleged encounter, saying that there was “a partner and a camera lady, and me and two girls were the only ones in there.” He claimed that the encounter “took less than 10 seconds, and they left. Then they made up a story that I assaulted them sexually, and I did not.” 

When Busey was asked if the story is “not true,” he replied, “nothing happened. Nothing. It was all false.”

“There’s no accusations,” he stated, though there are indeed clearly accusations against him, at the very least.

When asked if it’s possible he was inappropriate without knowing that what he was doing was wrong, Busey responded, “No, not inappropriate at all. I have eyewitnesses there.”

Find out more about the allegations against Busey in the video below. 

Claims Against Busey

Busey had been at the convention for horror movies and their fans that was hosted by the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill earlier this month when police were called there for “the report of a sex offense.” An affidavit obtained by CNN states that two victims “reported being sexually assaulted by the same actor.”

“They reported they were in a photoshoot area during the Monster-Mania event and were having their picture taken with the defendant,” the affidavit continued. “During the photoshoot, the defendant placed his face near one of the victim’s breasts and asked her where she got them, before attempting to unlatch her bra strap.” 

The other woman reportedly claimed that Busey grabbed her buttocks. The affidavit states that when police made contact with Busey, he “initially denied groping anyone, before asking detectives to apologize to the victims, then asking detectives to talk the victims out of pursuing complaints, as well as claiming that sometimes it is possible to accidentally touch someone in a specific body part.” 

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Monster-Mania Speaks Out

Monster-Mania issued a statement saying that the convention was “assisting authorities in their investigation into an alleged incident involving attendees and a celebrity guest.”

“Immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendees, the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return. Monster-Mania also encouraged the attendees to contact the police to file a report,” the statement continued. 

“The safety and well-being of all our attendees is of the utmost importance to Monster-Mania, and the company will not tolerate any behavior that could compromise those values,” the convention concluded. “Monster-Mania will continue to assist the authorities in any and every way possible.”

Representatives for the Monster-Mania Convention have since confirmed that they are helping the police with this matter. The investigation into these allegations remains ongoing at this time. 

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