Alec Baldwin Praises ‘Brave’ Anne Heche After She Drove Into House At 90 MPH

Anne Heche is being praised as "brave" by Alec Baldwin after she "drunkenly" crashed into a house, and social media users aren't happy.

The Hollywood star Alec Baldwin is being widely slammed after he praised the actress Anne Heche as “brave” following a horrific incident in which she “drunkenly” slammed her car into a house in Los Angeles.

‘All My Love To Anne Heche’

“Hey, I just want to send out my best wishes and all my love to Anne Heche,” Baldwin said in a video posted to Instagram, according to Daily Mail.

“Anne is an old pal of mine,” Baldwin continued. “There’s not a lot of women I’ve worked wih that are brave in the way that Anne is brave.”

Baldwin, 64, went on to recall starring with Heche, 53, in “Twentieth Century,” a Broadway play for which she was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play. They also appeared together on screen in the movie The Juror, a legal thriller that came out in 1996. 

“She is an amazingly talented woman,” Baldwin said of Heche. “I love you Anne, I love you and I think you are such a talented person. I hope everything is OK, I hope you come through this. My heart goes out to you.”

“I’m sorry you had this tragic thing happen to you, and I’m sending you all my love,” he concluded. “Everyone please join me please in sending their support and love to the wonderful Anne Heche. Thanks.”

Yes, it is very tragic when drunkenly driving through someone’s house at 90 miles per hour “happens” to you.

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Social Media Users Fire Back

This immediately blew up in Baldwin’s face, with social media users calling him out for praising a woman who could have easily killed people with her drunken driving.

“What about the people she almost killed? Is she more important?” one social media user asked, with another adding, “She put lives in danger.”

“Did you see how reckless she was driving and how she hit a building before she crashed?” a third user wrote. “Did you see the RING doorbell footage? She is lucky she didn’t kill anyone.”

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This came after Heche plowed into a Mar Vista home at 90mph, causing the home to burn down. Thankfully, nobody was killed. 

Afterward, Heche was pictured with what looked to be a bottle of vodka in the cupholder of her Mini Clubman. In an episode of her podcast that was released hours before the crash, she had talked about drinking vodka with wine chasers.

TMZ reported that officers at the scene believed Heche was drunk and were given a warrant to test her blood alcohol content.

“I don’t know what happened, sometimes days just suck, and I don’t know if you ever have them. … Some days are those no good very bad days,” she said on the podcast, according to USA Today. “And I don’t know why some days just end up like this, and things don’t really rock me like that.”

Find out more about the crash in the video below.

‘She Was Drinking And Driving’

Witnesses told NBC 4 that police had to use a crane to get Heche out of her burning vehicle, but she was conscious and able to talk to officers. 

“She was drinking and driving, and considering that woman killed all those people yesterday on the corner of La Brea and Slauson for the same thing, drinking and driving,” said Dennis Depew, an actor who has appeared in Live Free or Die Hard.

“Anne Heche needs to go to rehab ASAP,” he added.”She’ll probably get arrested and charged once they release her from the ER.”

A representative for Heche’s family told People Magazine that she is now “stable.”

“Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time,” the rep said. 

Thomas Jane, Heche’s ex-boyfriend, also said that while she is “expected to pull through,” she is still intubated in the hospital. 

Heche is frankly lucky to both be alive, and to not have killed anyone else with her recklessness. Now is not the time for someone like Baldwin to be praising her as “brave.”

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