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One year after he was targeted for cancellation for saying the n-word, the redemption arc of the country music star Morgan Wallen appears to be complete. 

Wallen Ties With Adele For Major Record

First of all, it was announced earlier this week by the Twitter account Chart Data that Wallen’s latest album, “Dangerous: The Album” hit a huge milestone. The record tied Adele’s ’21’ as one of the two “longest-running top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 in the Nielsen era” at 84 weeks.

Eric Church Gives Wallen The ACM Milestone Award

This comes days after Wallen was given the ACM Milestone Award, which was presented to him by the singer Eric Church, who said that “it has been one of the honors of my career, and my life, to get to know Morgan over the last couple years.”

“Whether it’s on a golf cart, a fishing boat, or over guitars late at night, I’ve seen him go through some things, I’ve seen him mature as an artist, I’ve seen him mature as a man,” he continued, according to Whiskey Riff. “I can tell you this, we’re very lucky to have him in country music.”

The Academy of Country Music states that this award is “presented to a Country Music artist, duo/group or industry leader for a specific, unprecedented or outstanding achievement in the field of Country Music during the preceding calendar year.”

After Church finished speaking, Wallen took the stage to thank him and everyone else who has helped him out along the way. 

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‘It Changed My Life’

“I had a whole [speech] that I typed out, before I knew any of this was going on. The first concert I ever went to was an Eric Church concert in Thompson-Boling arena in Knoxville,” Wallen said. “And man I just, I felt… it seemed to me like I could feel what he was feeling when he was singing.”

“I mean, it changed my life,” he continued. “So for you to be up here presenting this to me now is more special than I can put into words.”

Wallen went on to thank his parents and his team for always supporting him, before going off-script to talk about the interesting relationship that he has with God. 

“Thank you to God. Me and God, we’ve had some interesting do-si-dos, I guess you could say,” he said. “That definitely wasn’t in my speech originally. But I really am grateful for the opportunities.”

“You know, me and my band, thank you to my band, I think they’re in here somewhere. I really am grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me, and just for everybody who’s made it possible, I thank you guys,” Wallen added. “Most of you know who you are. It’s been an incredible year, just to hit on the awards, so it’s been awesome.”

Check out Wallen’s full speech in the video below.

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Wallen Sends Message To Fans

Wallen ended his speech with a message to his fans, saying that “awards are awesome, but my true measure of success is my fans, and I get to see [them] every single night out on the road this year and for many years.”

The “woke” mob tried their hardest to cancel Wallen forever after he was caught on camera dropping the n-word in February of 2021, but these accolades all show that they did not succeed in this endeavor. We’re glad that Wallen is being given a second chance to succeed in the music world, and we can’t wait to see what he does in the years to come! 

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