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Pop star Adele has finally revealed why she suddenly canceled her January 2022 Las Vegas Residency. She postponed the “Weekends with Adele” show at Caesar’s Palace with little more than 24 hours’ notice, causing heartbreak and uproar among fans.

Eight months later, and on the brink of finally starting her Vegas shows, the singer told Elle magazine why she made the last-minute decision. 

Why Adele Canceled Her Residency 

Initially, Adele blamed the last-second delay on logistical issues and the inability to deliver the show she wanted to. Adele blamed COVID and the supply chain crisis. But if that was the case, why wait until the day before to actually shelve the shows? 

In the Elle interview, the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer revealed what actually happened.

“The stage setup wasn’t right,” she said. “It was very disconnected from me and my band, and it lacked intimacy.”

That seems like a problem that should have been fixed during the early planning stages. Why were you fiddling with the stage layout the day before the show? These are enormous productions that take months to prepare; shouldn’t you have voiced your concerns earlier? Also, you’re ADELE, you didn’t have the sway to make the stage and set-up you wanted the first time? 

Adele does seem to regret it, calling the cancelation the “worst moment of her career.” I would agree with that. To leave fans who shelled out thousands of dollars in a lurch like that is appalling and shameful. 

Adele stands by her decision, saying she was “brave” to do it. I am not sure what is brave about stranding people in Las Vegas. What’s more, fans were not given updates on their tickets for a while, and there was a delay in refunds. 

The whole article is meant to portray Adele as the victim, but it really makes her look extremely out of touch.

The residency is back on for November-March. But wouldn’t you be a little skeptical of this? 

Fans React To Adele’s Cancellation

Adele eventually offered refunds, but the process of rebuying tickets has been challenging for some.

Overall, many fans are excited to see Adele perform but understandably upset about it as well. 

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