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It’s been two months since the country music legend Naomi Judd tragically committed suicide at the age of 76, and her fans are still devastated over her passing.

Now, Naomi’s daughter and singing partner Wynonna Judd is speaking out to offer some powerful advice as she continues to grieve her mother.

Wynonna Joins Brandi Carlile Onstage – Gives Speech


Today reported that on Friday night, Wynonna joined Brandi Carlile on stage in Nashville to cover The Judds’ 1984 song, “Girls Night Out,” leading into “Love Is Alive.” In between the two songs, Wynonna gave a stirring speech about her mother that has since gone viral, touching the hearts of their millions of fans.

‘Two Months Ago, My Momma Died’

“For those of you who don’t know who I am — you’d be surprised — I’m the artist formerly known as The Judds,” Wynonna began. “Two months ago, my momma died and my sister is here tonight and we are now the new Judd.”

“And I want to share something with you. I’m a Judd, not a judge, but I’m gonna tell you something,” she continued. “Forgiveness — call somebody and say ‘I’m sorry for my part, what can we do to heal?’ And that’s what we’re doing tonight.”

Wynonna went on to to dedicate the song to “anybody out there who is just really pissed off,” adding that these feelings are “OK, because the music is gonna heal us right now.”

“That’s why I came,” she concluded. “… The music heals us and we’re gonna sing this next song in honor of my sister because it’s been about 12 years since she’s seen me sing. It’s a beginning of some new chapter, so, what does your next chapter look like?”

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Check out Wynonna’s full powerful speech below.


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Carlile Gushes Over Judds

Performing these duets with Wynonna was huge for Carlile as well. 

“The Judds were my first, second and third concert,” Carlile said after the surprise covers, according to The Tennessean. “What just happened on stage, to me, was really life-affirming.” 

At another point in the concert, Carlile told the crowd, “It’s nights like this when you look out at an audience … and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, it really happened for us.'” 

The Judds had been planning to go on tour together this fall, and Wynonna has announced that she will be completing this tour herself with the help of various country music stars who will be joining her for duets along the way.

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Naomi’s Tragic Suicide

Wynonna and her sister Ashley made the shocking and tragic announcement that their mother Naomi had committed suicide hours after her death on April 30.

“Today we sisters experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. We are shattered,” the sisters said at the time. “We are navigating profound grief and know that as we loved her, she was loved by her public. We are in unknown territory.”

Naomi had been open about her mental health struggles for many years, and had even revealed that she’d considered suicide in the past, but this did not lesson the shock and sadness that her family, friends, and fans have felt over her death. 

Wynonna and her family are clearly still deep in the grieving process for Naomi, so please join us in saying a prayer for them as they continue to try to heal in some way from this tragedy.