The Woke Mob Attacks The Dallas Cowboys For Partnering With Veteran-Owned Black Rifle Coffee Company

Woke activists are angry that the Dallas Cowboys partnered with Black Rifle Coffee.

The woke mob has infiltrated every facet of American society, and the NFL is no exception.

Source: NFL on YouTube

Unfortunately, the NFL is learning once you bow to the woke masters, you can never be woke enough. The franchise owned by Jerry Jones announced they struck a deal with Black Rifle Coffee Company causing a backlash on social media.

The Dallas Cowboys are offering free tickets to a game and a one-year subscription to the veteran-owned coffee company.

Dallas Cowboys
Source: Dallas Cowboys Twitter Account

The backlash on social media criticized Black Rifle Coffee Company for the timing of the deal, the names of their coffee flavors, posing in a picture with Kyle Rittenhouse, and implied they were members of the KKK.

Sports Business correspondent Bob Williams tweeted, “Talk about terrible timing. The Cowboys announce a partnership with a company called Black Rifle Coffee in the wake of the July 4 mass shooting.”

He added, “Products include ‘Coffee or Die Roast,’ ‘Silencer Smooth Roast,’ ‘AK-47 Espresso Blend’ and ‘Freedom Roast Coffee.'”

Source: Bob Williams’ Twitter Account

Black Sports Online’s Robert Littal tweeted, “Cowboys Announce a Day After Multiple Mass Shootings They Are Partnering With Pro-Gun & Anti-Kneeling Against Racial Injustice Company Black Rifle Coffee Home of the ‘AK-47 Expresso’, ‘Murdered Out Roast’ and Preferred Coffee of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

Source: Robert Littal’s Twitter Account

Twitter user Anti__Cap tweeted, “CEO of Black Rifle Coffee leaving the Dallas Cowboys officer after signing their marketing contract.”

He then shared a picture of a man wearing Ku Klux Klan robes.

Source: @Anti_Cap on Twitter

Even though the veterans of Black Rifle Coffee Company defended our freedoms, the woke mob wants to cancel them because they have the wrong political opinions, once took a picture with patriot Kyle Rittenhouse, and name their coffee after weapons. They believe that makes you a card-carrying member of the KKK.

The woke mob would have you believe the entire partnership should’ve been aborted because of a senseless, tragic shooting in Illinois on July 4th.

Dallas Cowboys via Dallas Cowboys YouTube

While the deal was struck well before that fateful day, there is perhaps no better symbol to celebrate America’s Independence Day than a veteran-owned company which promotes our 2nd Amendment right–and a partnership with America’s team.

It’s also fair to question if the law-abiding people at the parade in Highland Park were armed, could any of those senseless, tragic deaths have been avoided.

Micah Parsons via Dallas Cowboys YouTube

Bottom-line, the deal is harmless, fun, and aligns with the NFL’s partnership with the U.S. military. Besides supporting and hiring our troops, Black Rifle Coffee Company also posts plenty of good content on social media.

Do you believe the Dallas Cowboys should have canceled their deal with Black Rifle Coffee Company?

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