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A royal expert is speaking out this week to say that Queen Elizabeth wants the investigation into Meghan Markle’s allegedly bullying staffers to be handled privately because she “feels there is enough drama around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.”

Meghan Accused Of Bullying

Daily Mail reported that the Queen announced the probe last year after staffers claimed that Meghan fostered a “toxic” work environment. The staffers alleged that she left them feeling humiliated, “sick,” “terrified,” “shaking” with fear, and reduced to tears. Both Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were accused of being “outrageous bullies,” and she was accused of inflicting “emotional cruelty” on staffers.

Aides for the Queen revealed earlier this week that Buckingham Palace had “revised” its HR policies in the wake of the probe, but added that it will not release the final report. A palace insider told Vanity Fair’s royal expert Katie Nicholl that the Queen wanted the probe to be handled privately to avoid any further drama that could taint the royal family’s public image.

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‘The Queen Feels There Has Been Enough Drama’

“The Queen feels there has been enough drama around the Sussexes, and she wants a line to be drawn,” this insider said. This source went on to describe the decision as “damage litigation,” saying that it was made to “protect the royal family” as well as Meghan. 

This comes after royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that the decision not to publish the report about this probe was meant to be an “olive branch” to Meghan and Harry. 

“The Palace, faced with the possibility of a memoir by Harry later this year and who knows what else if the Sussexes, as budding philanthropists, were antagonized, has simply closed it down,” he said. “This is obviously an olive branch to the Sussexes too.”

“This is not a monument to transparency and those involved may well feel hard done by, especially considering the allegations that Meghan ill-treated staff,”  he added. 

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Staffers Are Livid 

Sources have said that staffers will likely be livid that the report is not being made public.

“People suspected it would be buried, and now it seems that it has,” one insider said. “Considering those who participated did so at great personal and reputational risk to themselves, the fact that they haven’t even been told what the findings are is unfathomable.”

“I am sure they will be deeply distressed, but perhaps not entirely surprised given how things have been handled,” this source added. “The household seems to be terrified of upsetting or provoking Harry and Meghan.”

Meghan And Harry Leave Royal Family

Meghan and Harry shocked the world back in 2020 when they stepped down as senior royals and moved across the world to California. They have since signed multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify, and have given multiple interviews in which they have bashed the royal family as if it’s their job. 

With Harry’s bombshell memoir set to come out in the coming months, the Queen has reason to be worried about what he’ll say in it about her family. Here’s hoping that he takes the high road for once, and takes her not releasing the report about his wife’s bullying as the “olive branch” that it appears to be meant to be.