New York Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Cheated On Her With His Mom’s Best Friend

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson accused by his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile of cheating on her with his mom's best friend.

A number of NFL fans finally found a reason to cheer for the New York Jets, and it’s not one you would expect.

New York Jets fans are still warming up to quarterback Zach Wilson. The 22-year-old was the second pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and threw nine touchdowns and eleven interceptions in his rookie season. Pro Football Network’s Mike Kaye reports Zach Wilson has struggled with accuracy in Jets OTAs.

Zach Wilson via New York Jets YouTube

Ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile and Wilson— who were high school sweethearts— broke up earlier this year. This week Gile claimed on social media they broke up because Wilson cheated on her.

Gile is now reportedly dating Washington Commanders wide receiver Dax Milne. Milne was Wilson’s best friend, teammate, and roommate at Brigham Young University (BYU). The two no longer follow each other on social media and the New York Post reports Wilson scrubbed Milne from his Instagram.

When a fan called Gile a homie hopper on Instagram, she provided more details on the breakup in a now deleted post, claiming the real home hopper is Wilson for sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

Source: Abbey Gile Instagram

As the story spread on social media, Wilson received overwhelming support instead of backlash.

Twitter user Jordy Strong wrote, “Zach Wilson logging online today and realizing the public reaction is the opposite of what he expected.”

Zach Wilson
Source: Jordy Strong Twitter

User Pharis_94 shared a meme of a New York Jets signing alert featuring actress Jennifer Coolidge, who played Jeanine “Stifler’s Mom” Stifler in American Pie. In the film, Stifler’s Mom hooks up with Eddie Kaye Thomas’ character, Finch.

Zach Wilson
Source: Pharris_94 Twitter

CrazyBillsFan used the accusation to mock the Jets for their poor play over the years tweeting, “So Zach Wilson banging his mom’s friend marks the first time the Jets have scored over 40 since 2018.”

Zach Wilson
Source: CrazyBillsFan Twitter

Chad Johnson, former wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, and Miami Dolphins tweeted, “Zach Wilson is the goat.”

Zach Wilson
Source: Chad Johnson Twitter

YouTuber FearTheBeardo on Sports Wars commented on the accusations and rumors saying, “So a very weird, interesting, sort of funny, and hilarious story regarding Zach Wilson, the quarterback of the New York Jets.”

Recently, Wilson has been spotted with social media influencer Nicolette Dellano. They attended a Yankees game together in June.

It’s unclear who his mom’s best friend is, and Wilson has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

Zach Wilson via New York Jets YouTube

What do you make of these accusations against Wilson by Gile? Do you believe them?

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