Harrison Ford
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Harrison Ford is 80. Yes, you read that correctly. Indiana Jones is 80. Han Solo is an Octogenarian. I feel old, you feel old, we all feel old. Anyway, he’s still going strong and set to star in a new Indiana Jones film next year.

So let’s celebrate one of Hollywood’s best leading men by looking back at some of his extraordinary moments.

When He Bought Everyone A Shot In The Club

I don’t know the context of this, and frankly, I don’t want to. But if Harrison Ford wants you to do a shot of vodka, you are doing a shot of vodka!

That Earring Thing He Did in the 90s

Could anyone else have pulled this off without looking like a total goofball? I highly doubt it.

He’s still rocked it 17 years later!

His Japanese Beer Commercials

Being A Talk Show Legend

Despite being known as a shy person in real life, Harrison Ford is always a hilarious guest on talk shows. His dry wit and demeanor are always good for a laugh.

Harrison Ford’s Best Line In Star Wars

I know the easy answer is the “I know” response to Leia. But for me, this sequence in the original film is what sold me on Ford’s acting brilliance. 

His timing, humor, and (partial) cool under pressure are all on display at once. 

Mark Hamill’s Impression Of Harrison Ford

Let’s wrap this up with master impersonator and Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill’s stellar impression of Ford on the film’s set. 

What’s your favorite Harrison Ford memory? Let us know in the comment section below.

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