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Cheryl Ladd became a household name playing Kris Munroe, the sister of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic character of Jill Monroe, on the show “Charlie’s Angels” from 1977 until 1981. In a new interview, Ladd opened up about her devout Christian faith, saying that she’s found God in the years since the show ended. 

‘I’m A Christian’

“I’m a Christian,” Ladd, 70, told Closer Weekly. “So, I pray. I really turned a lot of myself and my soul and my pain over to the Lord.”

“I find it so helpful for me that I don’t have to just trust myself,” she added. “I trust that the Lord has a plan for me. He’s gotten me through all of the bad times, and he is with me joyfully when I’m in the good times. So for me, that has been my rock. I have never really been through it alone.”

Ladd went on to talk about who she still talks to from her days on “Charlie’s Angels.”

“Jaclyn Smith and I talk all the time,” Ladd explained. “She’s a doll. Just a great girl and so fun. You know, for as elegant as she is, she’s also kooky and a goofball. We’d love to find the right project to work together on. A movie about two old friends and all the ups-and-downs of that relationship — how you help each other out in good times and bad.”

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Ladd On Tanya Roberts’ Tragic Death

Ladd also discussed the tragic death of the former “Charlie’s Angels” actress Tanya Roberts, who died suddenly last year at the age of 71. Roberts played Julie Rogers on the final season of the show, and went on to become a “Bond girl” after starring in the 1985 movie A View To A Kill

“It was a real shock,” Ladd recalled. “Tanya’s hard to describe, but she was a lot of fun. She spoke like a truck driver. She just made Jaclyn and I laugh so hard. She was outrageous and lovable.”

Ladd’s Long Marriage

Long marriages are rare in Hollywood, which makes Ladd’s forty year-long marriage to music producer and author Brian Russell special in the entertainment world. 

“We are both very creative people,” she said when asked about her long marriage. “We started out as friends, and we’re still madly in love with each other, but we’re also still friends. I think that really keeps the marriage together.”

“I look up to him, I think he’s so talented and his books are so great,” Ladd continued. “He’s got a new one out called The Marble Sea, and it’s getting rave reviews. We both do what we love, and we understand each other’s need for space and time.”

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Ladd Looks Back Fondly On ‘Charlie’s Angels’

In the end, Ladd is still a working actress who looks back fondly on the show that made her famous. 

“I’m one of those people who still have a name because of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ — the show is always airing somewhere on the planet!” Ladd said. “So, I get some nice opportunities, although I am picky.”

God bless Ladd for showing us all once again that a good Christian woman can make it in the crazy world of Hollywood! If only we had more celebrities like her around in this country. 

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