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Vince McMahon Has Odd RAW Promo, Billy Graham Needs Amputations

Vincent Kennedy McMahon may not be the CEO of WWE, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appear on television, right? VKM made a strange appearance on SmackDown this past Friday night. This led to an equally odd promo on RAW, last night.

Vince McMahon Has Odd RAW Promo

Mr. McMahon stepped down as CEO last week [1], and his daughter Stephanie was placed in the role for now. His $3 million hush-hush money scandal, hit mainstream media and the public.

As an investigation continues, VKM is trying to keep himself busy with WWE TV appearances, apparently. He had a segment on SmackDown [6] that was much hyped.

This turned out to be a weird promo where he reminded the WWE Universe that the company’s slogan is “Then, Now, Forever, Together”.  He would shock fans last night with an appearance on RAW.

Vince McMahon & His Odd RAW Promo

His music hit, and he came out in his usual strut fashion. He told fans how many RAW episodes have been produced and hinted at a big return.

VKM notes during the segment that John Cena is returning to the WWE and RAW next week. This takes place in Laredo, Texas.

This would be incredible news if fans didn’t already know that Cena was returning to the Red brand, on June 27th. This was already announced.

It’s hard to say if McMahon on TV will be a regular thing. Only time will tell.

Over to some sad news about a WWE Hall of Famer. Billy Graham is suffering from some health conditions and will have to lose some of his toes.

Billy Graham Needs Amputations

The WWE Hall of Famer [7] has dealt with cirrhosis of the liver over the years. As such, there’s been health scares and a number of surgeries during this time.

Vince McMahon RAW Promo
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Graham hopped on Facebook recently to update fans on his health. He notes that he has infections in some of his toes.

As such, Graham states [8] he’ll need to undergo partial amputations to take care of this. This surgery will take place at the Mayo Clinic.

WWE Hall Of Famer Will Need Time

Graham notes in the Facebook post [9] that he needs time to get better. He requested that fans share thoughts or photos to help keep his spirits high.

Graham also states he won’t respond to fans in the next two or three weeks. He wants to focus on healing.

Unfortunately, Graham has suffered from a number of health conditions over the years. He got a liver transplant in 2002, due to cirrhosis.

He was hospitalized in 2006, because of an obstruction in his bowel, from another surgery. Then in 2010, Graham reveals he only has another year left of life, due to needing another liver transplant.

In 2011, his doctor reported in the Phoenix New Times [10]that Billy could extend his life by two years by taking the drug Interferon. This was for his hepatitis C.

However, by 2012, he reports having cirrhosis and stage-three liver disease. He was hospitalized in 2013 for possible heart failure and double pneumonia.

In 2014, the WWE HOF was at the hospital once again for liver complications. Meanwhile, in 2019, he was hospitalized for atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure.

He’s had quite the rough time in recent years. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.