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Toni Storm On Walking Away From WWE, Wrestler Drops Dangerous Finisher

Toni Storm is talking about the final few days that led to her WWE exit without notice. And, a wrestler has dropped a dangerous finisher.

Toni Storm is talking about the final few days that led to her walking away from WWE without notice. Also, a wrestler has dropped a dangerous finisher.

Toni Storm On Walking Of WWE

WWE had high hopes for Toni Storm. She won the second Mae Young Classic and seemed set for a good WWE run.

Storm worked in NXT UK and then moved to NXT out of Florida for a few months. Then, she sent to SmackDown and worked briefly with Charlotte Flair before abruptly walking out.

“It was Christmas time and I had about five shows, a big loop,” said Storm on Talk Is Jericho. “I booked everything and am ready to go and start working.’

Unfortunately, that is not what happened once she arrived.

First, she was featured in programs chasing the 24/7 Championship. Then, the next night she did work a triple threat and felt things were finally moving along.

Moment Toni Storm Decided To Leave WWE

Storm was informed by multiple people they would not need her for the final three days. So, after 6am came without WWE changing their mind, Storm headed to the dentist.

“I go to the dentist around 11, I’m in the chair, tubes in my mouth, my phone starts going insane,” said Storm. “They need me to be on a plane in two hours.”

“How do you say no? You can’t say no because you get heat. You’re backed into a corner. ‘I have to do this.’”

“I actually want to do this, but it’s been made extremely difficult for me. I’m pulled out of the chair, I race home, grab my things, get to the airport. There’s then pent-up frustration.”

“I get to the show, it’s halfway through the show in DC. Get there, do the match, ughh. I still can’t put it into words. The overall frustration, the lack of respect for my time and effort.”

“I want to give this my all and everything, my whole life, I want to give it all to you guys, but you’re making it friggin difficult. I lost it and I quit.”

“Told them, ‘I’m so unhappy. I need out.’ I just quit. Johnny Ace messaged him. I wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t let me go.”

“I wasn’t going to show up and I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Sat back and tried to be a good girl my whole life, I tried to be the best and be professional and do everything by the book and in a respectful way. I just cracked.”

Storm is now part of AEW. She nearly won the Owen Hart tournament and just teased a match with Thunder Rosa.

Wrestler Drops Dangerous Finisher

Toni Storm Walking WWE
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Mustafa Ali is talented and Vince McMahon knows it. That is why he will not grant Ali’s release request. 

The two seemed to settle their differences and Ali returned to WWE TV. He has been featured in title bouts as recently as Hell in a Cell and also regulated to Main Event.

On Twitter, a fan wanted to know what happened to the 054 Reverse Splash. Simply put, the move was too risky.

He still has the 450 Splash, which he hits perfectly. Basically, some moves are too dangerous and Ali was smart enough to recognize that.

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