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Prince Harry “must have gone home feeling very depressed for what he has given up” after he and his wife Meghan Markle were pretty much ignored during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last weekend, according to a royal expert.

Harry And Meghan Humiliated At Platinum Jubilee

Daily Mail reported that Harry and Meghan only made one public appearance during the festivities despite flying all the way across the world to the United Kingdom from California. Making matters worse, they were booed entering and leaving this appearance.

Full Story: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Booed At Platinum Jubilee Service

Harry and Meghan missed the Platinum Jubilee Party and Pageant, also skipping the Epsom Derby. They were also banned from standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family for the Trooping of the Colour.

Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl claimed that Harry and Meghan skipped these other events due to the fact that “they did not have center stage seats.”

Harry ‘Must Have Gone Home Feeling Very Depressed’

“Harry has given up being Captain of the Royal Marines, who were out in force. I think he must have gone home feeling very depressed for what he has given up,” added royal historian Hugo Vickers. 

“I honestly think it’s [because]… they knew that they wouldn’t be in that front row,” Nicholl chimed back in to say. “And why did they leave the Royal Family? They left because they weren’t in the front row. I believe that’s why they weren’t at the other celebrations as they did not have centre stage seats.”

Meanwhile, Duncan Larcombe firmly believes that Harry will be haunted by the Trooping of the Colour for the rest of his life.

“Those four days will haunt Prince Harry for the rest of his life. They [The Duke and Duchess of Sussex] were relegated to sitting behind the Duke of Gloucester [at the Thanksgiving service],” he said. 

“They didn’t take part in any way, shape or form visibly at the Trooping of the Colour… [Harry] will be fuming about the way he and his family were treated – if it was Prince William and the Royal Family who said, ‘you’re not coming to the royal box,’ whilst other minor non-working Royals were at those events,” Larcombe continued. 

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Harry Likely Feels He Is ‘Owed An Apology’

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who spent a year with Harry researching a book about him, thinks that Harry will feel that he is “owed an apology” for being “largely ignored” at the four-day celebration. She went on to say that Harry is “absolutely furious” about how the Platinum Jubilee went down. 

“The thing that really stood out for me on that day was Harry’s anger – he wears his emotions on his face and he looked absolutely furious,” Levin told The Sun.

“I think it’s quite interesting really – he could have been feeling lots of things. I don’t know whether he had a wave of feeling at what he had given up,” she added, however making sure to then say that Harry is “the one who should apologize.”

The Platinum Jubilee was meant to celebrate the Queen’s record-breaking seventy years on the British throne. Harry and Meghan can whine all they want to, but we’re glad that they were not able to make her special celebration all about themselves.