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Can WWE Replace Sasha Banks, DUI Didn’t Impact Hardys Plans?

If she is indeed released, can WWE replace Sasha Banks...with a clone? And, maybe his DUI didn't impact AEW's Hardys plans?

As rumors of her release swirl, can WWE replace Sasha Banks? Plus, is it true that Jeff’s DUI didn’t actually impact AEW’s Hardys plans?

Can WWE Replace Sasha Banks

She may still work there, or she may not…but if she does not…can WWE replace Sasha Banks?

Or, more to the point…does WWE think they can replace Sasha Banks by effectively cloning her?

According to the Mat Men Podcast...that may be the case.

Some folks view Sasha Banks as a mega-star. WWE may not.

Or, more to the point…some fans might feel she is not able to be replaced.

And, WWE  thinks she can be, simply by making a new version of Banks.

In the grand scheme of things, no Superstar is irreplaceable. We know that.

Superstars come and go, and there is always someone else, or others, who fill that void.

One thing WWE has been pushing, especially lately, is home grown talents. The company has an added emphasis on developing new talent in NXT.

Could someone fresh in Florida, or not yet even there, become literally the next Sasha Banks?


wwe replace sasha banks
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I can see both sides of the argument.

Those who feel Sasha Banks is one of the biggest WWE Superstars have their reasons. She is certainly an attraction.

However, those who see her as replaceable, I get that too.

After all, before she walked out…it’s not like she hasn’t had drama before.

While this time she may have taken her ball and gone home from WWE for good…it is not the first time she had issues and walked away.

If WWE can clone Sasha Banks, minus some of that drama? They will do it in a heartbeat.

DUI Didn’t Impact Hardys Plans?

Would you be shocked if I said Jeff’s recent DUI didn’t impact AEW’s Hardys plans?

I would be…at least slightly.

But it seems that the Hardy plans AEW had were not shelved because of the DUI. Or, at least, they weren’t only shelved due to Jeff’s latest issues.

Instead, it was an injury suffered by Jeff, before the DUI, that already had seen AEW changing plans.

If the rumors are true, it seemed that the Hardys were set to win the AEW tag titles at last Wednesday’s “Road Rager” edition of Dynamite.

Jeff, of course, is now suspended, and he and Matt were pulled from the match.

wwe replace sasha banks
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According to the Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, via his podcast…even without the DUI, the Hardys plans had changed.

Basically, after Double or Nothing, Jeff Hardy was evaluated and was in rough shape. Reportedly, he has no recollection of the match.

Fans who caught it live would say that, putting it nicely, Jeff did not look good.

Matt Hardy indicated his brother had suffered a concussion, leading to the poor match performance.

If there was a legit injury, and this isn’t some elaborate means to deflect things, then there are signs that indicate that this injury put a Hardys title run on ice.

Sounds like the brothers were still planned for the ladder match, right up until Jeff’s arrest. Had he not been busted for another DUI, it seems Matt and Jeff would not have been a huge factor on Wednesday.

Now, we don’t know when-or even if-Jeff will be a factor for AEW again.


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