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The 6 Absolute Worst Movies On Netflix

Everyone wants to hear about the “best movies” on Netflix. But sometimes, you just need to watch a good, palate-cleansing stinker. I try to watch a bad movie every two months to remember what makes a good movie.

So, if you’re looking to scratch the bad movie itch, here are a few of the worst movies on Netflix.

The Last Thing He Wanted 

Ben Affleck, Willem Dafoe, and Anne Hathaway starring in a movie based on the writing of Joan Didion sounds like Oscar bait? Well, The Last Thing He Wanted ended up more like fish bait. Critics and audiences alike found that movie to be befuddling and incoherent, with one critic noting [1]:

“The Last Thing He Wanted seems so taken with its own intricacy that it manages only to trip itself up.” 

The Outsider 

Jared Leto might be the best worst actor (or worst best actor) out there. It is hard to think of such a top-tier and talented actor who puts our more confusing and god-awful stinkers. The Outsider is what happens when you give a person who thinks anime is real millions of dollars to write and direct a film. Forget Japanese cultural appropriation. You’ll be made for the 2 hours this movie appropriated from you. 

It does have its supporters, as any out-there Jared Leto picture would. 

Father Of The Year 

The Ridiculous Six

Adam Sandler does a western parody. Millions of people watched it.

We could do a whole post on the bad-but-popular Adam Sandler movies on Netflix.

There is so much to say about this one; Sandler’s acting, the bad writing, the racially problematic characters, but let’s have South Park take this one. 

Father Of The Year 

Did you like Joe Dirt but wish David Spade played someone with absolutely no likability? Well, look no further than Father Of The Year. Another Adam Sandler production. 

He’s All That

I wouldn’t say “Gen Z Ruins Everything.” But dang, they sure try. “She’s All That” is a classic 90s teen comedy about accepting yourself and others. Netflix took that concept, got rid of all the good parts, swapped the genders, and put a TikTok star, Addison Rae, as the lead? What could go wrong with making a massive movie with someone who has limited to no acting experience? Well, you get this: 

They even brought back Rache Leigh Cook to play Rae’s mother. Rae is a massive star who has charisma and can dance, but that does not make her a good actor. 


For a thriller about a world where no one can sleep, this one feels like a doozer. Perhaps the writers and directors were sleep deprived because this film only starts to make sense after you’re up for 72 straight hours. The world loses electricity and the ability to sleep. Pick one!

What’s your least favorite movie? Please share it in the comments below.

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