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After Losing His Voice To Cancer – Val Kilmer Speaks Again For Top Gun: Maverick

The biggest movie of the summer is Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel to the beloved action classic sees Tom Cruise once again take to the skies as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. But a Top Gun sequel wouldn’t be complete without Val Kilmer’s Iceman. Unfortunately, Kilmer lost his voice to cancer and has been unable to speak clearly for some time. However, with the help of unique technology, Kilmer can talk again. 

Kilmer’s daughter Mercedes was on hand for the filming of his cameo, and she remarked on what a special moment it was. 

“I was on set. I saw it live, and it was extraordinary, It means a lot to my dad as he’s very proud of that film. This is what he loves to do.” 

Via FoxNews [1].

Mercedes also reflected on how “trippy” it was to reflect on her father’s stardom and youth. Kilmer plays an older version of Iceman, who is now an Admiral, giving Maverick one last shot at glory. 

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Val Kilmer’s Battle With Throat Cancer

The Top Gun & The Saint star secretly battled throat cancer between 2015-2017, where he underwent chemotherapy and multiple surgeries that left his voice all but gone. Kilmer uses an electronic box that he plugs into his trachea to speak now. 

Reports indicate for his scene in Top Gun: Maverick, the filmmakers, recreated Kilmer’s voice with AI technology and archival footage of the actor’s voice.

Before the AI, Kilmer was forced to be overdubbed by other actors in a very unconvincing way. 

Kilmer’s Documentary, Val

Kilmer’s career and cancer survival were documented in the 2021 documentary Val.

The film included footage shot by Kilmer throughout his 30+ year career, as well as interviews with friends and family and a modern Kilmer who speaks with mechanical assistance and the help of AI.

Val Kilmer’s Best Movies

Kilmer has had an up and down career. In 40 years in Hollywood, he’s had so many iconic roles. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

Let’s start off with his 80s classic, Real Genius.

Perhaps his most iconic role was as Doc Holliday in Tombstone

Despite the hate, he was solid as Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an underrated classic that resurrected Kilmer’s and Robert Downey Jr’s careers. 

I’m glad to see Kilmer back, and I hope this technology can put him back in more films. 

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