Meghan Markle Biography

Meghan Markle’s biographer is speaking out this week to say that the wife of Prince Harry “trampled on others” to “get to the top.”

New Book To Reveal All About Meghan

Daily Mail reported that investigative journalist Tom Bower is alleging that Meghan’s “victims” will tell all in a new book that he is writing, and he says the book will contain “extraordinary information” about the royal. When asked about the status of the book, Bower replied, “Well, in fact, I’ve finished it and it will be out very soon.”

“It is a story, an untold story. I have found out things which are really quite extraordinary about her,” he continued. “And I think that the public perception of her will be either confirmed or outraged, or in any case, it’ll be a great surprise.”

“It has turned out to be…a very, very hard slog because people were pretty reluctant to speak and she and her lawyers had done very well to keep people silent, but I got through [to] enough,” Bower added. 

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Meghan ‘Trampled’ On Others

Not stopping there, Bower proceeded to go into further detail about Meghan’s origins. 

“And it’s a great story,” he explained. “It is an astonishing story of a woman who came from nothing and is now a world figure and has trampled on all those others on the way which is classic for the sort of people I always choose, whether it’s a politician or a tycoon. The victims are keen to talk and they have spoken. And it’s a really gripping story.”

Meghan and Harry shocked the world in 2020 when they stepped down as senior royals and moved across the world to California. There, they have since signed multi-million dollar deals to create content for Netflix and Spotify. 

Meghan And Harry To Return To The United Kingdom

Last week, Meghan and Harry revealed that they plan to travel back to the United Kingdom next month for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, which is meant to celebrate her record-breaking seventy years on the British throne.

“Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are excited and honored to attend The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this June with their children,” a spokesman for the couple said, according to Today

Full Story: Queen Bans Meghan And Harry From Buckingham Palace Balcony

However, the Queen has announced that Meghan and Harry will not be joining the rest of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the main parade being held in her honor as part of the festivities.

“After careful consideration, the queen has decided that this year’s traditional Trooping the Colour balcony appearance on Thursday 2nd of June will be limited to Her Majesty and those members of the Royal Family who are currently undertaking official public duties on behalf of the Queen,” said a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace. 

Given how much Meghan and Harry have bashed the royal family over the past two years, it will certainly be interesting to see how they are received there. 

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