Fred Savage Fired

Fred Savage, who rose to fame in the 1980s as a child star on the television show “The Wonder Years,” has been fired as the executive producer and director of ABC’s reboot of the series following allegations of “inappropriate conduct.”

Savage Fired

“Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as is policy, an investigation was launched,” the producer of “Wonder Years” 20th Television said in a statement obtained by Daily Mail

“Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as an executive producer and director of ‘The Wonder Years,'” they added.

Savage was only 12 years-old when he rose to fame on “The Wonder Years,” which he was nominated for two Emmys for Best Lead Actor in a comedy series for his work on. He is married to commercial real estate agent Jennifer Lynn Stone, and they have three children together. 

Find out more about Savage’s firing in the video below. 

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Savage Previously Accused Of Sexual Harassment 

This comes four years after Alley Mills, who played Savage’s mother on the original “Wonder Years,” claimed that the original show was cancelled after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against Savage and his costar Jason Hervey. Mills alleged that this lawsuit was settled out of court.

It has since been revealed that this lawsuit was filed by Monique Long, who worked as a costumer on the show’s set. She accused Savage and Hervey of “verbally and physically harassing her” behind the scenes of the program. 

Mills alleged that the allegations against Savage and Hervey were “completely ridiculous.” She added at the time that Savage is “the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the earth.”

“So I just thought it was a big joke and it was going to blow over,” she said. 

Long fired back by saying that “my only response to Ms. Mills’s slander is that it proves exactly why women in the industry are forced to remain silent about sexual harassment.”

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More Allegations Against Savage

In 2019, Savage was accused by Youngjoo Hwang, who worked on his crew for the short-lived sitcom “The Grinder,” of battery, assault, harassment, and discrimination. This suit was eventually settled out of court and dismissed. 

“The case has been resolved and we have dismissed the lawsuit,” Hwang’s lawyer said at the time. “We are very pleased with the resolution.”

The case was reportedly dismissed with prejudice, and it was believed that a settlement was reached. Savage has yet to publicly respond to his firing from “The Wonder Years” reboot. 

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