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WWE Star Wants To Bring Back Defunct Title

Drew McIntyre really wants to bring back an obscure title from late 90s and early 2000s. Should the European Title make a return?

Does WWE have way too many titles? I certainly think so. Currently, there are 18 champions across brands and genders in WWE. Does WWE need to ad another title? What would the point be? Drew McIntyre wants one throwback championship to make a comeback, the European Title. And honestly, it wouldn’t be the worst title to bring back.

McIntyre spoke with TalkSport about the European Title and other topics, including Stone Cold’s advice to the Scottish Warrior.

The History of the European Title

The European Title existed in WWE From 1997 to 2002. Despite its name, only two of the holders were from Europe; William Regal and The British Bulldog, the longest serving and inaugural champion.

Bulldog won the title in 1997 by winning a tournament. He defeated Mankind, Vader, and Owen Hart in the championship.

Other notable champions include D’Lo Brown (who held the title 4 times), Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Eddie Guerrero.

The last champion was Rob Van Dam, who unified the title with the Intercontinental belt.

There were rumors that the belt was returning in 2014 before the surprise was reportedly ruined by Lana leaking photos of a new title. 

Will WWE Bring the European Title Back? 

There are no plans if WWE plans to bring back the European title. However, there are plenty of good ideas for what WWE can do with the title if they do.

They can have a “European Title tournament” for starts, showcasing the best European wrestlers on the WWE. Thankfully there are plenty. Perhaps, they can start the tournament now, and they can have the final match at WWE’s Clash At The Castle in Cardiff, Wales. 

WWE could use it as a title for the European region and require wrestlers be from Europe to hold it. 

Were you a fan of the European Title? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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