Dolly Parton Fax Machine

Some fans may be surprised to learn that the country music legend Dolly Parton is actually the godmother of the pop star Miley Cyrus. 

While appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” earlier this week, Cyrus opened up about her relationship with Parton, and she revealed the surprising way that her godmother prefers to communicate with others. 

Cyrus And Parton’s Ironic Phone Commercial 

Cyrus explained that she finds it ironic that she appeared with Parton in a T-Mobile commercial about 5G phones for Super Bowl LVI, given the fact that her godmother still prefers to use fax machines over phones.  

In the funny commercial, Parton tells viewers that they should switch from 5G phones to T-Mobile so their devices can “shine their brightest.”

“Do it for the phones,” she adds.

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Check out that commercial below.

Parton Prefers Fax Machines

Cyrus revealed this week that Parton, 76, actually doesn’t like to use phones, as she prefers to go old school with fax machines instead!

“It was amazing because, you know, she was doing it for the phones, yet every time I coordinate and kind of communicate with Dolly, it’s still through fax,” she said. “So I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s rarely on the phone. Next time we have to ‘Do it for the fax machine.'”

When Meyers suggested that the commercial was, therefore “false advertising,” Cyrus replied by saying, “Well, we do use the phone, but she does a fax, and then someone scans the fax, and then they put it into a text message, and then that gets sent to me, and it’s always signed.”

Parton even seems to have converted Cyrus to this method of communication, as the 29-year-old has been won over by fax machines!

“I’ve started to try and make my own letters because there’s something so amazing just about a connection. It’s just not casual,” she explained. “You know that she took the time to get out, I guess, her typewriter.”

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Parton’s Song About Technology

People Magazine reported that Cyrus went on to share a hilarious story about Parton once writing a song about technology that her goddaughter deemed to be unrealistic. 

“She also made me a demo one time where she talks about being super high-tech,” she recalled. “But it was all through a cassette, which she then voice memo’d onto a flip phone, which someone then put onto the iPhone, which then got sent to me.”

“She has a phone. She just doesn’t use it, I don’t think,” Cyrus concluded. “I think someone uses it for her and does the fax machine through the phone.”

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