Bullet Club

It is my favorite day of the week, Tuesday! I love breaking down all the tiny details you miss on Monday Night Raw. Despite WWE catering itself to a casual audience, the company still makes time to reward long-time watches and fans of wrestling promotions outside of WWE. 

This week’s Monday Night Raw continued the buildup for WrestleMania Backlash. We broke down all the big highlights, but here are a few minor details you missed. 

Bullet Club Reunion 

AJ Styles continues his feud with Edge as the Phenomenal One battled against Edge’s new disciple, Damien Priest. The match ended when Edge & Priest hit the ring and began to beat Styles with chairs. The two attempted a Conchairto-style shoulder attack on Styles, and then Finn Balor’s music hit to make the save. 

Balor & Styles were both members of NJPW’s Bullet Club, a popular heel fashion of foreign wrestlers in the Japanese promotion that mimicked the NWO. Balor was the initial founder of Bullet Club, and Styles joined a time later.

Dou Drop & Nikki A.S.H. 

It looks like Dou Drop and Nikki A.S.H are teaming up.

The two Scotswomen were staples of the UK independent wrestling scene as a tag team before being signed to WWE. 

The Rest of the Monday Night Raw

We will get R.Truth, “a squire,” representing Reggie in divorce court. 


R-Truth “A squire” at law

Truth has his work cut out for him. Reggie doesn’t have a prenup!

Rollins & Rhodes are heating up with The Architect going personally on the American Nightmare. This is going to be my favorite match on the card. 

We will have a full preview for Backlash on Friday.

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