Brand Crossovers Ending Soon
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Though we’ve been seeing them a lot of late, the brand crossovers could be ending soon for RAW and SmackDown. Plus, following his appearance for AEW this week, WWE is intrigued by one former Superstar.

Brand Crossovers Ending Soon

Lately, you might not know which show you are watching if you tune in randomly, due to Superstars ignoring brand distinctions. However, a new report indicates that those brand crossovers could be ending soon.

The division between brands has blurred in recent months, especially surrounding WrestleMania.

In the aftermath of that show, and in the lead up to Backlash, that has not changed.

We are now accustomed to seeing Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns and The Usos on RAW. At the same time, we’ve regularly seen the RAW Tag Team Champions pop up on SmackDown.

With Reigns defeating Brock Lesnar in Dallas last month, he became the holder of both the RAW and SmackDown titles, and speculation ran rampant that we could be seeing the end of the brand split.

According to the Wrestling Observer.…the brand crossovers could be ending soon, and in any case, are not going to last.


Brand Crossovers Ending Soon

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Well, in case you’ve forgotten…the two shows are on different networks.

And…FOX and NBCUniversal (who owns the USA Network) aren’t keen to help their competitors in the ratings battles.

Of the two, FOX wants more exclusive Superstars, or is being more insistent on the split returning. However, with television up fronts coming next week, it’s clear that each network wants it’s own WWE signature Superstars.

Similar challenges unfolded with prior drafts, over talent like Bray Wyatt. There were also pushes from each brand for bigger stars like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

Soon, it seems like the brand crossovers will be over, and we will have to watch certain Superstars back on their specific shows.

WWE Intrigued By Former Superstar

Speaking of watching certain talents, WWE is said to be intrigued by one former Superstar who showed up in AEW this past week.

And no, this is not about Leon Ruff...though he showed up in AEW too.

Instead, this is all about the Superstar formerly known as Big Cass.

Now known as W. Morrisey and working with IMPACT, the former Superstar worked a match for AEW on Wednesday.

He lost a match to Wardlow, but WWE was intrigued by the former Big Cass.

brand crossover ending soon

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Cass and partner Enzo were tremendously over with fans…but had a ton of backstage issues that led to both men being released.

On top of that Morrisey has had some significant demons to slay…but in case you haven’t paid attention, he seems to be on the right track.

And, in phenomenal shape. To the point that perhaps WWE is considering at least an attempt to bring him back.

For real?

According to the Mat Men Podcast, several WWE officials were impressed by his showing, and at least casually wondering when his IMPACT contract is up.

That’s the interesting note. IMPACT and AEW have a working relationship, which is how Morrisey could show up, as an IMPACT star, on AEW’s Dynamite. 

For now, he remains an IMPACT talent, but whenever he becomes a free agent, his former employer might want a chance to bring him back.

It would be a nice redemption arc. Plus, another example of why sometimes, someone needs to truly hit rock bottom before they can become the best version of themselves.

After being released by WWE, Morrisey had to get a handle on his issues or lose a lot more than a sweet wrestling gig.

Now, he seems in control and in better shape than he ever was in WWE…which makes him very intriguing indeed.

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