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The Weirdest ‘As Seen On TV’ Products You Can Buy Right Now

Since the days of Ronco and the Flowbee haircut system, America has loved to buy gimmicky gadgets from TV infomercials. The “As Seen on TV” brand is so iconic that you can now get the products at Target and Walmart. But for every product you have to have, there are a dozen that make you wonder:

“What was the series of steps it took for someone to come up with this idea and then execute it?” 

So we’ve decided to share a few of our favorite weird As Seen On TV products. To standardize the field and narrow down the inventions, we only include the As Seen On TV inventions, you can buy currently. We will have some info about the product and the original “As Seen on TV” commercial featuring some unique demonstrations of the product’s effectiveness. 

USB Spy Cam

While the product is marketed as “nanny cam,” some less savory characters have used it for more nefarious means. 

Are you paranoid that everyone is out to get you and ruin you? Put in these low-fi USB chargers all around your house and destroy all your relationships by stripping away even the littlest bit of privacy. 

Flex Seal

Move over Oxyclean and Slapchop. The Flex Seal is the new incredible As Seen On TV hit. The tremendous power of this adhesive and seal has been meme’d into oblivion. 

But of course, the most fantastic piece of Flex Seal advertising is the Flex Seal Boat!


Who likes opening jars*? After all the millions of times we’ve run jars under hot water, hit the cap with a knife, or put on a chainmail glove to squeeze open that jar of pickles, who knew that a robot existed to do all of the hard work for us? 

SNL parodied these type of ads perfectly: 

What if RoboTwist becomes sentient and yearns for meaning and purpose? 


While we’re on the subject of creepy, sentient kitchen appliances, let’s talk about Crumby. Crumby is a palm-sized vacuum that looks like a gigantic mutant ladybug. It cleans up little pieces of dirt, and it is great for tricking your kids into doing the cleaning for you! 

Sobakawa: The ORIGINAL Premium Buckwheat Pillow

You’ve heard of sleeping on goosedown, but what about Buckwheat? No, not that kid from Lil Rascals. The plant that is neither wheat nor grain is excellent for stuffing pillows for sleeping [5]!

It is traditional in Asia to sleep on a pillow filled with buckwheat. The buckwheat pillow acts as an adjustable pillow that moves and provides comfort as you move. And if it breaks, you have a nice in-bed snack. 

Odd demonstrations: The Sobakawa can prevent eggs cracking and windows from shattering. Also, here’s a human spine. 


Do you like bird watching but need to have your hands free to snack while looking for Scrub Jays? Do you want to look like you just came back from watching robot birds in the future?

Then Zoomies are perfect for you! 


What’s your favorite As Seen On TV gadget? Share it in the comment section below. 

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*I do, but only to impress my wife with my he-man strength.