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Alec Baldwin Calls Man Assaulted By Airport Employee An A**hole

Months after a gun he was holding discharged on the set of his movie Rust, taking the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the Hollywood star Alec Baldwin is sounding off about “workplace safety” as he responds to a viral video of a fight that took place at a United Airlines ticket counter at Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

Viral Fight Video

The viral video shows former NFL player Brendan Langle repeatedly punching an unnamed United Airlines agent who was working at the ticket counter. Langle has since been arrested for assault, and the agent has been fired by United Airlines, according to The New York Post [1].

Check out the viral video for yourself below.

Baldwin Weighs In

While Langle has claimed that the employee made the first move, Baldwin said that the agent is the real “victim.”

“The guy working at the airport is the victim. He came to work to do a job,” Baldwin wrote on Instagram.

“The other guy, with his big mouth, is guilty of workplace abuse, where people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility. This a – – hole who hit this guy should be put on a no-fly list,” he added. 

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Langley Says He Didn’t Start It

Alan Jackson, Brendan’s attorney, made a statement to TMZ [6] defending his client.

“Brendan Langley was minding his business walking through the airport with his bags when he was accosted by a United Airlines employee who claimed to ‘run the airport,'” Jackson said. “When Brendan tried to ignore him, the assailant followed and harassed Brendan, calling him a ‘d***’ and a ‘p***y’ and challenging him to fight.”

It’s not clear why Baldwin decided that Langley was at fault.

Baldwin Hit With Backlash

Unfortunately for Baldwin, social media users have pointed out that this is rich coming from him, given the fact that he was only just involved in a fatal shooting that took place at his workplace.

“Sir, you shot and killed someone at YOUR workplace. Please sit this one out,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “That privilege goes crazy.”

“A man who (accidentally) shot and killed his co-worker at work is lecturing us on WORKPLACE SAFETY? Ffs,” another user commented, with conservative author Brigitte Gabriel writing: ‘Alec Baldwin shouldn’t comment on anything ESPECIALLY workplace violence.”

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Baldwin’s Rust Shooting

Baldwin has repeatedly denied being responsible for the shooting, which also injured directed Joe Souza. However, the shooting is still being investigated at this time, and the local sheriff leading the investigation in New Mexico has said that Baldwin is “not off the hook” when it comes to potentially facing criminal charges.

“What we had, based on our investigators’ findings, was a set of obvious hazards to employees regarding the use of firearms and management’s failure to act upon those obvious hazards,” said Bob Genoway, the bureau chief for occupational safety. 

Whether you agree with what Baldwin had to say about the United Airlines fight video, it might have behooved him to sit this one out given his current situation. In the end, he’s the last person who should be lecturing anyone about workplace safety at this time.