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WWE’s Next Big Question: Who Will Dethrone The Tribal Chief?

Following a title unification at WrestleMania [1], we are staring at WWE’s next big question. Specifically…who will dethrone The Tribal Chief?

And, just as important…when will it happen?

Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar [2], relatively decisively, to close out WrestleMania 38.

Now, Reigns holds all the gold, and thus far we have not seen who’s next (and hopefully it isn’t Goldberg.. [3].).

So…who will dethrone The Tribal Chief?

dethrone the tribal chief
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Or, who should dethrone The Tribal Chief? And…when should it happen?

Now, I have no crystal ball, nor do I have a DeLorean. So, what comes next is nothing but some suggestions or random ideas.

Option 1: The Rock…at WrestleMania 39

How likely is this? Honestly, this one feels the least likely.

For a whole lot of reasons.

For one…that would mean Roman Reigns holds onto the titles for another year.

source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

That would be like…900 days? Unheard of in modern times…with only the former WALTER’s NXT UK [4] reign in the same ballpark.

Plus, at this point, even with nearly 600 days in the books…whenever he does drop the strap, it needs to mean something to someone…and while it would mean something to The Rock…it would mean more to most of the rest on this list.

Option 2: Gable Steveson…at SummerSlam

We’ve heard that WWE [5] plans on doing with Steveson what they did with a young Brock Lesnar two decades ago.

Well…Lesnar had a rocket strapped to his back and shot up the ladder fast.

Steveson hasn’t yet had his in-ring debut for WWE. Sunday doesn’t count, because that was still “only” a cameo.

But…the company has big plans for him, which the weekend make quite clear.

source: @wrestlezonecom, twitter, screenshot

If you want to get him over fast…having the most dominant NCAA heavyweight in recent memory take out the Tribal Chief would certainly do the trick.

Option 3: Bron Breakker…after Money In The Bank

To be fair, Breakker [6] could do it at SummerSlam too. The fast-rising, 2 time NXT Champion is destined for big things in WWE.

How great? Surely WWE hopes he has a Hall of Fame-level career, like his father and uncle.

Could he go from NXT Champion to WWE Champion in a few months? Possibly…

Option 4: John Cena…SummerSlam.

It almost has to be said. I mean, we’ve got Cena, forever waiting for that elusive next championship.

Lesnar and Reigns was billed as the biggest WreslteMania match ever…we can debate that, but that is what the promos all said.

But…Reigns and Cena would be similarly big. As for the timing, SummerSlam is a common one here, I cannot help it.

At this point, there are but a few events big enough to see a title change off of Reigns.

dethrone the tribal chief
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

Either he loses a belt at SummerSlam, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania.

Outside of those…maybe…and it’s a big maybe…perhaps a huge money Saudi show.

Option 5: Brock Lesnar…as soon as WreslteMania Backlash

It’s been said that Lesnar is booked for the next couple WWE “premium live events”, so it’s likely he at least gets another shot at Reigns.

We might even see some stipulation where Lesnar can win one, or both, titles…and only manages to win one.

It’s possible…though in my mind, having Lesnar beat Reigns a short time after, just to end up unwinding what just happened at WrestleMania…would be awkward.

Option 6: Cody Rhodes…TBD

We know Cody Rhodes [7] wants the WWE title. Or, one of the two…he said as much on his RAW homecoming promo.

Cody winning the gold should go over big. In my mind, that means it should be at SummerSlam, or perhaps the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Though, I feel as though, if Roman Reigns somehow makes it into 2023 with one or both titles, then he’s making it to WrestleMania.

I also had this vision that one way or another, RAW would either get a new belt, or Reigns would just surrender one…and we’d see a tournament (like King of the Ring), with the winner being crowned the new RAW champion.

And, in that vision, yes, Cody Rhodes pulls out the title win.

Yes, it’s a lot of choices. Is the Superstar who will pull it off on this list?


And yet, there are so many other possibilities. Could we see a big and stunning return for it, like say, Bray Wyatt?

Perhaps WWE will revisit the Rollins-Reigns dynamic…have Rollins beat Reigns…and the pivot into a Rollins-Rhodes saga?

There are plenty of choices, and I just hope whomever dethrones the Tribal Chief…will be elevated in the process.